Thursday, November 19, 2009

To Market, To Market

Last weekend when we went to Illinois, we went knowing that there would be a Christmas sale at Stone Meadow Farm and we decided to drive up so we could go to the sale and meet Joy and Ang. (Read about the sale from Joy's point of view here.)

We missed the full inventory, their sale the night before had been a blow-out. But we were glad we went, and there was still plenty of inventory to choose from. And here I'm showing you some of the goodies I picked up. The Christmas mood started that day with mulled cider in the french-country style farmhouse kitchen. These vintage ornaments were packaged to show their shine through the cellophane.

If we'd had a truck, we could have brought home some farm style antique furniture! There were some really nice pieces at reasonable prices.

It was such a pretty day outside and the drive was pleasant, the surrounding area to this farm was beautiful rolling hills and countryside.

I also picked up this piece of wool with cobalt blue plaid pattern for when I re-do the family room (it will eventually match the kitchen and cobalt and red as the main colors) and the old enamelware pitcher trimmed in cobalt blue which will be placed in the family room, too. That's a project for after Christmas.

Below are some finds from the little resale shoppe in Ang's town where I picked up a few things I could pack into the trunk in a small space. The whole shoppe was full of painted furniture and each room had a color theme. It was pink in the first room and as you moved through the shoppe, the colors changed. I didn't think to take a picture of the different rooms but I did take a quick shot of Ang and in this photo you can see how cute the resale shoppe was!

That little pink wicker dressing table makes me want to make sure that I have a pink room somewhere in the house!

I found this tiny cupcake tin that works perfectly with my tiny child's stove that sits on my kitchen counter!

I don't know what I'm going to do with this, but it's an old set of Christmas candy canes the have a light on each. Some of the candy canes are broken and some of the light clamps are broken so I bought myself a project but am going to try to figure out a way to make them usable again. Love the old lights whose colors are so different from our new C-9's.

And these are vintage pillowcases I couldn't help but take home with me. The crocheted edges are in perfect condition and I can't imagine how long these took to complete.

And check out the clever use of an old deck of cards used for tags, all items in the shoppe were priced this way.

And the owner of the resale shoppe was such a nice lady, she let me "play" with her old cash register. It's very very similar to the one I used on my very first job. I love how these old registers sound and the bell that rings when the door opens.

We loved our visit to Illinois and meeting Ang and Joy, and all the shopping we were able to fit in in just a short time!


Bloggin bout my Boys said...

OOOOOH you are tormenting me with that ADORABLE child's stove again!!! Gosh it is tooo cute! Love all the goodies you found. Sounds like my kinda shoppin'!So glad you had a fun trip. What colors are your family room at present? Sue

Donna said...

Cool stuff Girl! Love All of it!hughugs

mary your sis said...

What a fun trip we had! Thanks again so much for the adorable aqua platter with the sleigh scene on it. I absolutely adore it and the vintage ornament. I'll think of you and the fun weekend each time I see it! Hugs!~

Kathleen Grace said...

This looks like you had a very fun trip! Lots of great things came home with you too! I'm such a sucker for old pillowcases, they are so much softer than new ones:>)

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I love resale shops! Anything with the word "thrift" in it, and I am there!
I am sure you have been to Frankenmuth. I love that place, and I when I get home to northern Ohio it is always on my list!
Have a great day, Joni!

lillie mae acres said...

I LUV finding treasure! I love your lit'l mini stove.
The pink dressing table and you wanting a pink room is just me. I have a beatiful dressing tbl, pink femine dacor surrounding it, but the room is just not finished yet. The sheetrock and floors are a mess. One day i'll be able to show it off. We all need a PINK room.

Janet, said...

I just love your vintage ornaments! I get them whenever I can, too.