Friday, November 6, 2009

It's Story Time! A Pet for Peter

A Pet for Peter
another of my collection of Junior Elf Books by Rand-McNally
Circa 1950
(Check the price....15 cents!)
Just can't get enough of these vintage children's story books. They're so much fun to look at: the clothing, the hairstyles, the cars, even the homes. There are politically incorrect pictures, too. Like the one of the farmer with a pipe in his mouth....horrors!
(Can I tell you that when my Uncle Don smoked a pipe, I thought his tobacco smelled WONDERFUL and he had the best tobacco-toned voice ever, I could listen to it all day long!)

I thought today was a perfect day to share this story with you, so enjoy!


Bloggin bout my Boys said...

When I see those books I want to crawl in them and go back in time. Forget political correctness...give me a vintage children's book anyday. Thanks for story time "Aunt Joni"!!

Becca's Dirt said...

I happen to have a couple of childrens books from the 50's. I treasure them and keep them safe. Have a great weekend.

Sue said...

LOVE vintage children's books! I have quite a collection myself. Thank you for sharing!

GiGi said...

Oh wow, these books bring back memories. My Nana had books like that in her garage!!!

Kathie Truitt said...

Don't you just miss books like these? They're just so wholesome and take you back to such a more carefree (or what I like to believe is a more carefree) time.

Mary your sis said...

Adorable. Love the sweet, innocent pictures! And, did you notice the little boy was told "no" (that isn't the pet for you) many times before he got what he wanted. There's a good lesson in that for the kiddies hearing the story and the adults telling it! Delayed gratification, not an instant "here ya go kid, now get out of my hair".