Monday, November 16, 2009

Old Family Farm

Off in the northern part of the mitten that is lower-Michigan is the old farmstead that was built by my great-grandfather who was a French-Canadian. He had a hard life: his wife left with the neighbor man when my grandfather (his youngest child and only boy in the family) was just three. He raised his children, but never was able to finish the house. It still stands, and each block was made by him.

Great grandfather has been gone a long, long time, and so has Grandpa, by now my Grandpa has been dead for about twenty-eight years. Grandpa passed the farm down to his children, and my mom inherited the piece of land with the old house and old barn standing on it. (The outhouse is still there, too!)

I took these photos last winter on a trip north. As a child, my mom spent some summers here (Grandpa was a teacher/administrator/coach) and he had summers off so took the kids to the farm to live and work.

All that's really left are memories and big bucks who live in the woods and the swamp. Part of the land is still farmed. Mom recently worked to get the farm the Centennial Farm designation and the sign proudly stands in the front yard of the old house.

It's a beautiful place for me and my family to visit, and to tramp around in the woods and the swamp is a special treat, reminding me of trips with my family when we were kids so dad could hunt there. Below are shots from a week or so ago when I was up there and stopped by.


Happy Birthday, Mary!

I had a really, really busy weekend that involved about sixteen hours of driving so I will tell you about that, hopefully in the next few days. Right now there's a pile of laundry that would fill a Honda Pilot that I must get to!

Happy Monday!


Bloggin bout my Boys said...

That farm looks so cozy! I would love to see the inside!

Ali said...

What a lovely place, I love all the trees!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh that is so cool!!!! So wonderful that it is still in the family - gonna post our photos soon - can't wait to see yours!

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

What a great heritage! I love reading stories like these. Real life is so much better than fiction. Can't wait to see more pics. (:

Donna said...

What a Wonderful thing to keep in the family!! Love it!!hughugs

Janet, said...

I'm so glad that your gr grandfather's house is still there. Your family has a wonderful piece from the past.

Anne Marie said...

wow! so special!!

heard about your p.f. visit!! can't wait to see more photos....

too bad I wasn't there!!!

Mary your sis said...

I love how the soft sunlight stripes fall across the snow in the top photo. Sweet post! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.