Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pine Hollow Lodge Sunny, Bright & Beachy Office

Today we'll take another look at Pine Hollow Lodge: this time it's the bright and sunny beachy office! This is a sweet spot to sit and write a note, pay the bills, or exercise and even sew and do crafts! It's just adjacent to the dining and sitting room that we saw last week. Here you'll see that Mary has an eye for the unusual and is adept at putting a themed room together. Above is one set of her cool water skis with neat-o graphics leaning in one corner.

Here's the patriotic library as well as family photos and mementos. Her library and mine contain many of the same titles and we often swap books. Neither of us has the time to read all that we'd like. Someday, though! Each of us is raising a young teen, she is still homeschooling, but that keeps mom really busy, busier than most women our age!

Here's another sweet set of water skis!

This is the antique oak buffet that I love! Mary's got it outfitted with beachy family photos and her bird vases by McCoy. She's always loved birds. The vases sit on a robin's egg blue metal tray from Goodwill that was spray-painted, bringing out the patterned edges.

Another seating area with a daybed all poofed with pillows!

Mary's stash of Mary Englebreit books and family photos...

Mary's desk, all Pottery Barn-ish with her spray-painted robin's egg blue chair that she redid herself. Lovely place to pay the bills and sit and chat on the retro phone!

It's always fun to do a themed room, and even more fun to photograph it and share it with all of you. I have even more from Pine Hollow Lodge to share with you, and it's coming right up! While there, I didn't even get any photos of the upstairs....that will have to be another series in itself!

Hope your Thursday is a good one, I am off to parent-teacher conferences today!


Bloggin bout my Boys said...

OH WOW What a great room! I could curl up on that day bed with one of those books and a cup of tea! You and Your sis sure know how to decorate a room!!Can't wait to see more.

Valerie said...

Hi Joni.

Loved today's tour. I also enjoyed visiting Meadowbrook Farm yesterday! You find such lovely eye candy for us to look at.

I don't know exactly your situation with regard to parenting "teens" at your "age", but I'll share with you this...I'm 40 years old and only have a 5 year old and 2 year old...HA!!! I always joke that I'm gonna be like the oldest room mother and mistaken as grandparents at my kiddos' high school graduations!!!


Donna said...

Great photos! Have fun at the conference!!hughugs