Thursday, April 16, 2009

Traditional Media: In Bed with Obama

This sign was the BEST of the day....and it says it all!
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Put Cindy Sheehan with fifteen of her friends in a ditch in Crawford, Texas and all the media flies in full crews to cover every move and give in-depth, fawning coverage and interviews, updates by the hour--for WEEKS ON END!

Octomom has a following of the major networks and, for weeks, that's all the television and print media could concentrate on!


Sarah Palin's daughter and her boyfriend break up and it's national coverage, and ABC sends an ambush interviewer all the way up to Alaska to get the lowdown for this important news to beam across the American airwaves, as IF you were dying to know any of the details. (I'm proud to note here that the boyfriend didn't dish any dirt for these parasitic "news" people.)


Yet, thousands of people (the taxpaying citizens who pay the way in this country) who ORGANIZE THEMSELVES into a body that would like to tell the government that they are unhappy with their gigantic spending and out-of-control, out-of-touch governance, and they REFUSE TO SHOW UP. And, if they happened to send out a token interviewer and crew....the coverage was blasphemous and an insult to freedom loving Americans everywhere.


There is NO DOUBT ABOUT IT: the so-called "fourth branch of government" is totally out of touch and might as well be--and probably will soon be--a state-run media. (Bailouts are in the works, I am sure!)

Big Traditional and some of the newer media like CNBC and CNN are pimps for this administration as they were for the Clintons. They are actively promoting their utopian ideas along with Obama. They believe that they helped put this man in office, are proud of the fact that they helped trash Sarah Palin (because they feared her) and that anyone who disagrees with themselves or Obama, (after all, he is their KING!) is not fit to deal with.

No one can deny in seeing the pictures of highly attended rallies that polka-dotted our country yesterday that something big is happening. It's the second American revolution in its birthing stages, and they deem it unworthy of coverage.

Who's looking out for you?

You decide.

As for me, mainstream or traditional media will no longer--IN ANY WAY-- be in my sphere of influence.


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Amen and amen! We only watch the local news for weather, and possibly sports for FarmBoy. Most of it is depressing anyway, and who wants to go to bed with visions of rapists, murderers, and nasty politicians?

Kathie Truitt said...

You are SO, SO right. BTW, maybe YOU should run for office. If I lived in Michigan, I would definitely vote for you.

Kar said...

So TRUE!!!! I don't even waste the electricity for those channels. Those people surely don't have it together upstairs. I was so happy to see how many AMERICANS showed up for yesterdays events. It just shows that there are others who truly care about this country. It also shows that my time in the military was not in vain. :)

Donna said...

This is why I mainly listen to talk radio!!hughugs

Anne Marie said...

bravo and Amen!

Linda said...

AND not to mention, that when King Obama was asked about the tea party's yesterday, he claimed he didn't know anything about them. Honest, it was on the Glenn Beck show. Sad, huh? Not suprising, really. They are so far out of touch and reality, it is not even funny. Blessings

Sue said...

I am SOOOO with you on this one! MSM has been a joke for YEARS now...

My only concern is the freedom of the internet is just another item on Obama and the liberal/socialist know it's true. :(

If they can keep us from connecting on the internet, we have a BIG problem.

Sue said...

Forgot to mention, the "Fairness Doctrine" that they are trying so desparately to pass sends shivers down my spine...

English Cottage in Georgia said...

You are SO RIGHT ON!
Oh...I can not wait for the 4th of July protests. Just imagine the crowds on a holiday.
HA!!! The media is soooooo showing their true colors. I will come unglued if the government even talks about bailing out the newspapers.

English Cottage in Georgia said...

BTW! I love the sign and had not seen one like it.

noble pig said...


Stephanie said...

Yes! Did you see the CNN reporter Susan Rosengen's report that was dripping with disdain for the protestors? What is hilarious is that she used to be a local anchor here in New Orleans for a small tv station and she was not like this in her reporting at all. This is a new attitude and probably a required attitude for her to have at CNN. What a sell out! It was great to see the tea party response yesterday.

Sparky said...

Add my Amen too! Husband and I protested at the St. Simon's Island Marina in Glynn Co, GA. We had about 636 confirmed people show up. I was shocked! People are outraged ... finally ... and I hope this momentum will stay with us. Anyway, got photos of our event at my blog if interested and you have time.
God bless! :o)

Anonymous said...

What a great time! Contrast ALL the peaceful crowds of yesterday to the scenes of whining, temper tantrum throwing freaks at the G20Summit Protests in London or the BIG BULLIES who want same sex marriage in Californication! It's pretty clear the citizens at the protests yesterday were thoughtful, intelligent patriots.
Can't wait to begin sending photos to members of congress and NBC and CNN! Government spending is revolting and so are we! Housewives in aprons revolt!! Ya can't get much closer to kitchen table issues than that!

Anonymous said...

I need to educate myself more on this, but so far, I TOTALLY agree with you. The media continues to let me down over and over again....

Kelly B said...

Amen, sister!! The news media is so wholly corrupt, I don't know how they can claim to be unbiased anymore. Shame on all of them!!!

Rue said...

Good morning!

Rich and I couldn't believe it when we turned the channel from Fox-News to see what the others were saying and they weren't even talking about it. If people think that they are bi-partisan now, then they are truly idiots.

Great job!!


RobinfromCA said...

Amen! My daughter said that the only news team in Sacramento (aside from Cavuto & Co) was the local Fox station. Absolutely nobody else was there! And this was truly a bi-partisan rally. My daughter said the people she met were mostly Dems and didn't care that she wasn't. They were all there because they were angry about taxes.

We cut the drive-by media out at our house about 4 years ago. As a matter of fact, I didn't even know Sarah Palin's daughter and her boyfriend broke up until I just read it here. I had to stop watching the news at all during St. Obama's first 100 days because he's on TV so much I'm nauseated!