Saturday, April 25, 2009

Scenic Sundays: Outside the Back Door....

We don't live in a remarkable or spectacular scenic area...we are surrounded on four sides by farm fields, there are six houses in the whole mile, and the fields in the winter are either white or mud, depending, or as shown here in early spring, a combination of both. (Of course, in the spring, summer and fall, I think the farmer who farms all the land around us does the best job at providing beautiful scenery: my favorite crop to be surrounded by is corn!)

But, to make up for the lack of geographical scenery that some of you enjoy, we do live in a place that sits in the wide open, there is a big sky, and the sunrises and the sunsets are easily seen and some not to be missed. (At night, a lot of stars are seen due to the lack of outdoor lighting. One of our favorite things to do is have a campfire, and sit around it and stargaze.)

For now, just enjoy an early spring sunset with me!

I looked out one evening week before last, and I literally sucked in my breath at the sight of this sunset and made a mad dash for the camera, because opportunities like this one are lost in one single minute, as any of you would know who have photographed sunsets. This was a particularly brilliant one and I hope you enjoy scenery from my backdoor today!


The Raggedy Girl said...

It looks like a fire in the sky, how very beautiful.

Have a Blessed Sunday
from The Raggedy Girl--Roberta Anne

Donna said...

Just beautiful! And I agree that being surrounded by fields of corn is a wonderful sight to see, LOL!

Miss Gracie's House said...

Good morning Joni,
That is my favorite kindof geography. I love the open spaces...after traveling I'm always soo glad to get back home where I can *see*.
PS I'm from Idaho

Donna said...

It DOES look like fire in the sky!! How beautiful!!hughugs

Marydon said...

Awesome!!! I love these kinds of pictures. Just beautiful. I'll be posting soon a beauty I got by hook one eve ... hope you'll pop over & join me.

Have a blessed week.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Farmgirl Cyn said...

One of our favorite things to do is sit by the campfire and look up at the night sky! The heavens truly declare His majesty!

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Every sun-up and sun-set is a gift and I often do the same as you described. The wide open spaces... I'd have them any day over busy peopled landscapes. Thank you for sharing your sunset over the bare fields. (: Vicki

Shelby said...

Oh but it is so gorgeous!! I grew up on a remote farm. There's almost nothing more beautiful than the landscape.


Happy Monday.. :)

English Cottage in Georgia said...

What an absolutely stunning sight and for free :-)
Thanks for sharing!

aimee said...

I love driving by farms and the fields that surround them! They are wonderful to look at! Beautiful sunset---yea I know all about those mad dashes for the camera:)
Blessings, Aimee