Saturday, January 10, 2009

Smoky Mountain Memories 2nd Edition

All of these photos were taken near Gatlinburg, TN. There's an entrance to the Smoky Mountains National Park there, and once you get up so high there are overlooks to look down on Gatlinburg. The beauty is remarkable, but that's nothing compared to what awaits you further into the wilderness! Click on any photo to enlarge!

I have many more photos of the trip to the Smokies to share, and will include those in additional posts. Have a wonderful day, I hope you can dream and plan some sort of vacation soon. I know with gas prices low it's easy, but much harder to spend the money when it's so high. Last summer, we didn't take a traveling vacation, and we really wish we could have. That's a summer we won't get back!


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, I hope one day to get there myself.

Georgia Peachez said...

Ahhh, Gatlinburg. I've been there many times and my sister works in Pigeon Forge. The Smokie Mountains are beautiful. Lovely pictures, thanks for stopping over to my blog!