Thursday, January 22, 2009

Corners of a Centennial Farmhouse

The carpenter that was hired to build our home was hired for $1 a day back in the 1890's, and he lived on premises as he built.

I only know this because the woman whose family owned the original farm for so long is still alive, and she told me this. I loved being able to talk to her because she informed me that she would like it if we did not disturb the lilac bush. She told me that her mother had stillborn twin boys who were buried there. We've never disturbed it (except to prune it) and never will. Back then, that's the way things were done.

Now, Bernice is in her nineties, just lost her only sister this year, and has had a very rough year but is fighting back from a very bad car accident this fall. I am so glad to know things like this, and that way we can honor this old home and the family that lived (and died) here. For more corners and details of my home, go here.

And, pardon my dust, but to be honest, most of the time a good bit of dust lives in most corners of my's not necessarily welcome but nonetheless it's here!

We are getting ready to do some painting so I'm going to be finding even more within the next month or so!


debbie bailey said...

I really like your house! Mine has similar details. I put old wood, light fixtures, sinks, etc. in a new house that looks old. I wanted an authentic old house but couldn't find house AND land together. So when we found land without a house, we built a new house that looks old. I really enjoy your blog.

Islandsparrow said...

Thanks for dropping by to say hi at my blog.

I love your pictures esp. the wood details. I have an old buffet - it's been in my family for generations and it has very similar carvings. You've inspired me to take some photos - especially in the morning sunlight - it's so gorgeous on the dark wood.

Happy weekend!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Hello ladies! Thanks so much for stopping in and for your kind comments! Debbie, I would love a new house that looks old, I think it might be easier to maintain: is it? I'm heading to your blog now to take a look!

Island sparrow, I love the pictures you post on your log. You have some really nice kitties! We lost our 18-year-old cat December of 2007 and I miss her dearly! They just seem to make a house a home!

Patricia said...

Don't you just love wood? Nothing is like the texture and look of old wood.... beautiful corners in our lovely home.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Patricia...I love your home, you are surrounded with wood, inside AND outside. Your photos of the deer in the wood were just gorgeous. PRICELESS! That would make great artwork for your walls!

Anonymous said...

TY for your respect for the twins that were stillborn and their surviving sister, Bernice.

I've been doing family history (genealogy) for years and know that my ancestor lost 4 very young children. I cannot find their gravesites anywhere so am assuming they were buried on the homestead or without a grave marker at the nearest town's cemetery. I hope if it is the former that their graves were left undisturbed too by a landowner as conscientious as you.

Blessings, A
Beautiful woodwork you have -- i am fond of the woodwork detail in older homes.

Unknown said...

You've caused me to sin--I covet your house, lol. Thanks for sharing the wonderful details of the woodwork.

Joy said...

I like your 'corners'. Our house was built in 1930, and has some interesting features, plus the woodwork around the windows, doors, and baseboards. Only a few doors and frames have been painted. The front door is nice, with the original beveled glass windows.

Cheyenne said...

This is amazing! I absolutely LOVE IT!

Linda said...

I Love old farm houses, yours is beautiful. I am new to your blog so I hope its ok for me to add you to my favorite blogs on my blog so I can come back often.