Friday, January 30, 2009

Classic Cars! Cars! Cars!

Dodge or Chrylser



Heavy Chevy

Lem's Dream Car...
I can't stop showing you pictures of vintage stuff, so why not vintage cars? I have lots of pictures of 'em.

We live in Michigan, the birthplace and capitol of the automobile industry. The automobile is very celebrated here. I grew up in a family that exclusively favored Fords, and my dad worked for about 39 years (I think) for Buick. In our household, Buicks and Chevrolets have been the rule, with a couple exceptions. And now that we own a classic, a Ford is in the mix.

Sadly, of late, there's been a lot of bad news, bad press and lots of uneasiness about what is, or was the "Big Three"...and for all of our sakes, I do hope that somehow they all survive.

As far as the bridge loan they got, well, I wish them well and hope it works, and perhaps it will work with some give and take on both sides of the table. My dad and uncles worked in the "shop" --as they called it, for their whole lives--I have cousins that still do. We are all in some way dependent upon the auto industry and if it's gone, we're done. We cannot make it in this state without GM, Ford and Chrysler. Things are bad enough already. We're to nearly 11% unemployment now, our own special recession began more than six years ago so we were in the dumps even before the financial meltdown began for the rest of the country. The truck rental business has been booming, moving people out of this state by the multiple thousands.

On a brighter note, I thought it would be fun to show you some these archived photos from an auto show in our little town last year. Being that our state is so hooked, literally, on cars, we have lots and lots and lots of car shows all summer long. The classic car is celebrated and loved, awarded, ooohed and aaaahed over and envied and talked about endlessly. As kids, we'd occupy ourselves on long car trips naming what make of car just went by. (I was pretty good at it then, but I'm not sure I know what all of these cars are, but will label only the ones that I'm sure of.)

Here are some bright beauties--and all of them from a Michigan-based car company! These will remind you that summer IS coming and within six months we'll be enjoying bright sunshine, green grass, and car shows!

We plan to enter our own '67 Mustang in some car shows this summer, have joined our area Mustang Club and can't wait to get at least a patch or two or maybe even a trophy. Car people are some of the nicest people you've ever met and some of the huge car shows around our state are some of the best in the whole world. They pull up, tailgate and visit and have a good old time!

Are car shows a big thing where you live? Do you have a classic you like to show? Do any of these cars bring back memories for you? Let me know!

Let the drooling begin.....

The cars gather at one of the last two original A & W Coney Islands in the country! This guy must have arrived early to get a premium parking spot under the awning. A Chevelle Super Sport

You can see I'm checking this old Mustang out...and drooling.

56 or 57 Chevy

A Corvette

An old Model T

I'm thinking it's a '66

A Buick Special?


Pontiac TransAm


A Big Fat Olds

A Beautiful Buick

A beautiful Buick convertible, I think it's an Electra




Ford Bronco
Extra Gorgeous
Belongs to my sister-in-law's sister

Big daddy caddy




Chevy Chevelle

Cars ARE Michigan! These photos show how beautiful and colorful and unique American-made classics are.

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