Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Photo Hunt Theme: AFTERMATH

This is the aftermath of a good Spring storm! There'a double rainbow in this photo, but it's hard to see the second one, it was much more pale. The second rainbow starts just to the left of the tallest tree in the photo.

The earth is drenched and smells very satisfied, the birds are happily singing from the safety of their nests having just eaten their fill of fat earthworms. The grass responded to the rain and has turned up the intensity of its hue-- even greener than it was before the storm; the seeds the farmer has planted in this field--just days earlier--are bathing in the moist and warm darkness, softening up in the fresh-smelling earth, just waiting for that tendril to break through the seed's tender skin and point its way toward heaven.

This photo hunt is from Sandi of WHISTLESTOP CAFE COOKING, a blog you might like to visit for great old-fashioned southern cooking recipes, here's the link below!
Enjoy....your Saturday, your weekend, and your family and photo hunt aftermath.
And as a bonus, here's a photo of the aftermath of a visit from good old JACK FROST...just to keep it real here, and seasonal! This weed, hanging full with a harvest of frost, stands in the same field as pictured above, near that old sign: just six months later. Doesn't it make you shiver?

Click to enlarge and notice the sparkling snow behind the weeds. I have never in my life seen frost this heavy and I spent an hour or so just going all over the yard taking pictures of it. I will share more of those photos in a post all their own. They ended up being some of the prettiest pictures I think I've ever taken!


CRIZ LAI said...

Wow! I thought I was the only one who had seen a straight rainbow. That's a real beautiful one. :)

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Hello Criz Lai! Thanks for your comment. But I should say that this isn't a straight rainbow, it's the only part I could get into my viewfinder from my yard. It was so huge, there was no way it would fit into the widest angle on my lens.

The Raggedy Girl said...

Great photos. Double rainbow, neat gift from God! I love the frosty one but I am a winter girl.
Roberta Anne

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Hi Raggedy! I should have said that this rainbow is an aftermath of the a promise to Noah! I'll share more frosty photos, soon! I know you'll like them since you love winter!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a double rainbow. What an amazing thing to see! Perfect for the aftermath theme.

Thanks for visiting mine and have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

I see the double rainbow! I recently snapped a picture of one too. I didn't even know it was there until I downloaded my photos. Did you know in a double rainbow the colors are opposite each other! It's so cool.