Sunday, January 18, 2009


I cannot pass up one of these books, it doesn't matter where I see them!
They are the dearest things, the pictures so bright and cheery, and wouldn't you love a yellow door like that? Dick, Jane and Sally make the nicest friends to visit!


Elenka said...

I LOVED the Dick and Jane books when I was in school eons ago. I haven't seen any since then anywhere. Where do you find them?

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I pick these up at garage sales (amazingly, some people actually let them go!) and at antique stores, or if you're desperate, you can go on eBay...I have actually put some on eBay, and when they didn't sell, I decided they needed to stay here with me!

Sometimes, in antique stores you'll find a booth with all books, and chances are there'll be a Dick and Jane book in there.

I plan to someday make my guest room all Dick & Jane (bedding and windows) and fill it with vintage toys....just for some bright fun!