Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Glittering Frost and Ice

I went out this morning, and the world was magical once again. But, once the sun came up, the frost and ice turned to sparkly wonder and magic. Like the plainest of brides--who, as she heads down the aisle and takes your breath away, beautiful with her shining face, dressed in her glorious white wedding dress--even the plainest of trees or lowly weed looked like a fine crystal sculpture, all dressed up in the crystal white glittering frost. A carpet of pure white, lay at their feet; glittered with mega-wattage diamonds that sparkled and shown: seemingly alive.
I took off in the car, rolled down my window; headed down some back roads and went to clicking....I got a couple good ones out of fifty or so. Here's a couple. If you click on them, the detail of the frost is much better!


The Raggedy Girl said...

Thank you for sharing all your sparkle bushes and trees since over here at my home it all just looks ratty!
Roberta Anne

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Raggedy Girl! I am so sorry, I was gone this weekend when you tagged me, Roberta Anne! I don't know how a tag works so you'll need to explain it to me. Should I go ahead and put up my post even though it's so late? If so, I'll get one ready if you'll tell me how it works. Thanks for all your kind words and stopping in to say hello! I love your name RAGGEDY GIRL, we called (still do) our daughter Raggedy. I take it that you collect Raggedy Anne and Andy?

Carolyn said...

More beautiful photos-love the frost.Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.