Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blues... Around the Farmhouse

I thought I'd shoot a little blue for you, and compose a collage (I just learned how!).

I hope you like it!

Here's a winter poem that describes our day here in Michigan. We had snow fall overnight and it frosted all with a fresh, clean coating. It's still snowing this morning in the way described by this poem.


Melville Cane, January Garden c. 1929

Suddenly the sky turned gray,

The day,

Which had been bitter and chill,

Grew intensely soft and still.


From some invisible blossoming tree

Millions of petals cool and white

Drifted and blew,

Lifted and flew,

Fell with the falling night.

Have a beautiful day! I will be peeling and chopping some vegetables and getting ready a pot of homemade vegetable beef soup and a beef stew (cook for two meals at the same time!) and some cornbread, it's that kind of day.

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The Raggedy Girl said...

Clever girl to know hoe to make a collage. I love blue.
Roberta Anne