Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'Tis The Season: Decking the Railing + COOKBOOK WINNER

There's nothing like fresh green roping and packages of vintage-style Christmas lights to motivate a person (me) to decorate the porch. The porch looked cold and naked, actually quite lonely-- after the fall stuff was put away.

I let it sit that way for a few days to get ready for the greening...then I took a broom and swept the last hardy hangers-on spider webs away.

Last year I stocked up on my favorite bulb: the C-7, when they were 50% off, making using a new string cheaper than buying replacement bulbs for an old string. (I then take the old strings and use the working ones of those bulbs for replacements.)

So...armed with scissors, something to step up on, and my trusty green twine, I went out in my sweatshirt and jeans and got some Christmas on.

Of all the smells in the live roping, I do think cedar is the very best smell, and with it brings back all sorts of memories of Christmases past: altogether pleasant, the smell of fresh, of winter.

It just can't be duplicated!

Neither can man make a roping that duplicates the way this live roping will hang from the railing. That's why I go the extra for this. It's worth it.

Are you Christmas-ing up your place yet?

We are going much simpler this year...but some things I will always do, and one is dress up the porch railing.

And now, on to the business of the day.

Winner of the COOKBOOK CONTEST IS...........

CAROL from the blog "Our Sears Kit Home"...you should go check it out sometime! They are restoring a beautiful home put together from a Sears kit so long ago. I love learning about these wonderfully crafted homes and Carol's home is a real beauty!

Congratulations, Carol! Now, just email me your address so I can mail you your new Amish Cookbook (oldcentennialfarmhouse@gmail.com) and you'll have it in time for Christmas baking!


BumbleBeeLane said...

Congratulations Carol! Warm Blessings!~Amy

Kerin said...

Congratulation to Carol! I'm looking forward to checking out her blog.
Love your vintage looking lights..... ahhh they bring back a lot of warm Christmas memories.
Hope you have a cozy week!

Anonymous said...

Your porch looks wonderful..
Congratulations to Carol on winning the giveaway...i hope she gets many hours of happy cooking from it..
luv Ann.xx

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

I'm working on Christmas decorating. My hubby got the tree up and we put on the lights and garland on Sunday. He has the angel up. Now I need to ornamentize the tree, probably my Precious Moments ornaments. I've been wanting to do that and this year I will! Congratulations, Carol, enjoy your cookbook! Hugs!