Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Day After....!

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! (Leftovers are one of the best parts of cooking Thanksgiving dinner, right? Yum! Pie for breakfast on Friday is another one of the sweetest things about making all that good food!)

There is still time to enter the drawing for the AMISH COOKING cookbook. I will draw late Monday night so keep submitting your entries HERE!

Oh, and are you a "Black Friday Shopper"?

"Not I", said this little red hen. Been there, tried that, the only fun part was having lunch with friends. Some people just LOVE it and it's as much fun to them as opening day of deer season is for men. ;-)

The rest of the madness wasn't really worth the hassle and I didn't want to associate ladies getting into fights at Wal-Mart with Christmas....yuck.

I'm not so sure that internet shopping wasn't made just for me. I will be looking around for some goodies online today, that's more my style.

As for me, today I will take down all things fall on the outside and inside of the house and try to start getting Christmas decorating underway. I'm one of those holdouts that won't let Christmas decorating start until Thanksgiving is over.

There is the first snow of the season in the forecast for Friday, so that will help me set the mood with the Christmas decorating! The winds are howling and it's coming! Here's an easy and fast soup for that leftover's a warm and filling one.

And just because I KNOW your mouth is watering, here is a link to these easy cinnamon rolls!


Cindy said...

Yesterday my tummy hurt so bad..that little girl reminded me of me!!lol
Are the pictures on the banner of last year or this year? Beautiful snow!!
Have a great day shopping at home.

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Donna said...

We stay home and let the shoppping crazies go out and spend money that they don't have! (Sounds like our government, huh? LOL!) We got a head start on our decorating this year because we're going to be off on another vacation soon.

Tanya said...

Miss Joni,
I am sooooooooo into your way of thinking at Black Friday! I will do the online shopping but getting up at __:00 AM with my elbows out and running shoes on is not for me! I'll stick to my warm cozy bed! My niece went to Toys R Us and the line was so long out of the store at 10:00 pm, they had to sit in their car until 12:00 a.m JUST to get in the store! Holy Moly!
Thanksgiving was a great day and lots of great food and YES YES YES on leftovers!
I also "AMEN" your sentiments on getting Thanksgiving over before I can focus on Christmas! Today I worked on up the inside/outside fall decor and will start and the cleaning before the next round of decorating!
Glad you had a wonderful day. Was that adorable favorite little guy of yours there?

Mel said...

Never been out on Black Friday, not my idea of fun. Do not enjoy pushy shoppers!

I will start my Christmas decor either today or tomorrow (have plenty of the white cover on the ground)tree will have to wait until mid month (real, cut your own) so it will last until the 1st of Jan. when all things Christmas are packed away with care.


LiBBy said...

Thrilled to see we have found one another again! I luv your transferware!!

LiBBy BuTTons