Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sweet & Random

I walked this morning: it's COLD and I am thinking we'll have snow falling soon. I heard a Christmas song on the radio today so it's time to get the mood building for Christmas decorating. I need to get started soon but it's hard to get in the mood with sunshine and mild weather, for me anyway!

(The pictures in this post are just plain sweet and have nothing whatsoever to do with my writing. The picture of the long-gone coconut cream pie that I made, above, is actually quite gorgeous, if I do say so myself. The pictures that follow, are even MORE sweet, and even MORE gorgeous!)

I shot myself in the foot today. Oh, no, not literally. Figuratively!

Here's how: I walked for an hour, and then stopped at our little local bakery and bought a fresh raspberry scone the size of a bear paw. It was QUITE good.

I am also getting shorn today. Literally, not figuratively.

My hair is wild, curly and unruly. Now that it's grey and white underneath, even MORE so! When it gets too long, I feel like a sheep who needs to get all those curls lopped off.

When it goes over that line of needing to be cut and it has to wait a week or more for the appointment, it drives me insaaaaaane! So in a little while here, I'm leaving to go lose some of the wildness that tops my head. Hallelujah! There'll be no bleating here!

(I told you things would get sweeter! ;-)

I am needing to get things in order for Thanksgiving. It snuck up on me this year. First clean, decorate just a little for it, and then bake. The menu stays pretty much the same, so that's a no-brainer.

(This foot was made for eatin'!)

How boring am I? I am all excited to be going to a local craft show with two of my friends this weekend. I'm hoping they want to leave the craft show early and head to the antique mall, too. I am excited because I get to see to gals that I don't see that often and I miss them: the crafts don't excite me much at all, wandering around browsing with my friends--that does...

I hope your day goes well....I need to go so I'm not late to my appointment....baaa!


The Tattered Cottage said...

Ohhhh that sweet little angel is sooo precious! I'm sorry, but I didn't read the rest of your post! Once I seen that sweet little hand,precious little head and that edible little mind went to mush!
Hope you have fun with your gal pals :)

Kerin said...

Very sweet pictures!
Have a great time with your friends, and pampering yourself with a hair cut.
Best of luck with all the Thanksgiving plans too :)

Teresa said...

Sweet photos all around...the pie caught my attention, but of course, the baby stole the show!