Monday, November 8, 2010

Autumn: Treasures In Color!

God has painted with his vibrant paintbrush...

breathtaking little scenes all around us.

So that even fall is full of saturated color...especially at dusk.

It's all around us, above us...

Even in its dying days, He provides color in the vegetation on the ground and sets its brilliance off with His artistry in the skies above us.

He came up with periwinkle skies, deeply purpled grapes, burnished golden leaves...even finishing it all off so well as to see to the details of tiny tendrils on the grapevine.

He saw to it that we'd have the texture of the thistle plant, and yet we can close our hands over the smooth, cold skin of a happy orange pumpkin.

Every area of His earth and each time of the day has something unique and special...

All these little treasures He places around for us to find, like all the finely curled ruffles and on a lowly flowering cabbage plant...they're just so intricate you know that He had lots of fun making them, knowing we'd enjoy looking, and then I think He probably hoped we'd look up to Him with full hearts and whisper just a simple thank you...

"...Thank you, God!"

Earth's Treasure
Mamie Ozburn Odum

When shall man learn earth's treasures
Are not gold, silver, or myrrh,
Or "things" that clutter up the home
Or worldly passions stir?

When shall men find earth's treasures--
Etched in the heart of a rose,
Soft cool rain, evening's breezes,
Or a baby's repose,

A golden sun sinking to rest,
Shade from a spreading tree,
A mellow-throated mockingbird's song
Thrilling, glad and free?

Here man shall find earth's treasures--
In quiet familiar lanes,
Gold white light in early night
Outlining the window panes,

Childish voices free from care,
Sweet rest in the evening's gloam,
'Tis here treasures are waiting--
Carved deep in heart and home.


★Carol★ said...

As much as I love summer, I think I love the colors of Fall the best. Your photos are just divine!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Beautiful post! I love that poem. I struggle to let go of summer as I hate winter's cold n dark days. But poor pretty fall sometimes get's my undeserved wrath as the first cold fronts arrive. Thanks for sharing it's beauty in your gorgeous pictures!

Rosemary said...

Loved beautiful! I treasure fall days and all they have to offer. My heart is full of graditude viewing His handywork.

Kelle at The Never Done Farm said...

Beautiful pictures, makes me feel so warm and cozy like home! Thanks for sharing them with us.