Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pine Hollow Lodge: For Veteran's Day--An All-American Bedroom

On Veteran's Day, I thought I'd show you a room that honors veterans.

This is another of the original rooms in my sister, Mary's home, Pine Hollow Lodge. Their new addition sits behind the older part of their home and this room is in the orignal section up front, tucked upstairs under the eaves with a little window facing the cheerily gurgling creek that flows just feet away...

This room is so cozy and quiet and there's nothing like sleeping with the window open and let the creek sing you to sleep.

In this china cabinet are some of Katie's collection of American Girl dolls and cute to part with, they can stay here until the grandkids come along some day!

In this corner is a painting by Autumn, Mary's daughter who is so talented artistically. She recreated this famous flag painting and did a fine job of it, too!

This neat door is over the closet that you need to bend over to walk into. I love the barn door hardware and this was an excellent place to hide for games of hide and seek when the kids were little, or we'd find the girls playing in here, tucked away from everything.

On one of the knee walls is a shelf Mary has arranged with a collection of patriotic books and fun things to look at. Again, she has used classic books with titles or colors that fit her theme.

I am particularly fond of that Holly Hobbie plate...and the tin star.

Here is an antique felt pennant for a Naval Training Center in Chicago, love the colors and the awesome graphics. And next to that is...

A vintage wool navy uniform that some very tall, and very, very thin veteran once wore. Mary picked up at a resale shop for $25! Even the beret was with's in beautiful condition, so hard to believe anyone would let it go!

This chalk and charcoal painting above this shelf was done by Autumn and in it are scenes that she took from the news during the beginning of the Iraq War. She won an award/scholarship in an art show for it when she was in high school.

On the border below the chair wall all the way around the room, Mary wrote in chalk words to honor the memory of a local boy her kids graduated with that lost his life early on in the first years of the war. It hit their community pretty hard and Jason will always be missed and remembered.

This is the peaceful view, that is literally, just outside the screen on the window above the bed, and you can see the creek flowing, I wish you could hear it, too.

I hope you enjoyed another peek into one of the themed rooms at the Pine Hollow Lodge. This link will take you to more rooms, if you'd like to look around a little longer, make yourself at home!

If you have the chance, honor a veteran today, you won't be sorry.


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

what a charming room....

and i would LOVE to sleep listening to the creek....

happy to visit with you here today.i enjoyed my always


Kerin said...

Such a beautiful room.
It's so hard to find a favorite thing.... everything is so lovely! I do love the charm of that sliding barn door!! Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures with us!

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

I love this room! Thanks for sharing! I'd totally love to have a room like that but will make do with what I have. I can dream, can't I? Love Bed and Breakfast Inns and how they decorate. Hugs!