Friday, November 12, 2010

The Mother She Has Become....

Jamie and Levi
with Junebug
October 2010

Today, I want to tell you about this wonderful little mother that is my daughter.

First, watching this tiny little mom bring this bouncing baby boy into this world was just the most magical thing I've ever seen. Ever.

I've delivered three of my own babies, and I've helped my sister with one of her deliveries as a coach, her cheering section and and as a back massager on an as-needed basis. I thought each experience was pretty special. Of course they were.

But this, this was different was what I can only describe as a spiritual experience, because truly, it made me weep.

And the miracle that I made it down there to Alabama before she delivered, and made it to the hospital in time for the pushing....I know I was meant to witness this little bit of magic and bond with her in a new and different way.

I spent one of the nights in the hospital with her and the baby, made the journey home with the baby ... they were in front and I was following them, praying all the way that they'd make it home safe.

She and I helped each other through the first three weeks of Levi's life and then I had to leave to come back to Michigan. And again, I wept.

But is this girl strong, special, and is she ever brave.

She has health issues, had them before she got pregnant, had infertility issues and now she is having thyroid problems, but she is still such a good mommy in spite of it all. (Please help us pray that some endocrinologist, somewhere, will know the answer to her symptoms!)

She took her full maternity leave and I thought that was wise. But she did have to go back to work, to a fairly high stress job, and she works full time, about an hour from home. That's a two-hour commute, each and every day. Wow. Daddy works an hour the opposite direction from home. They do what they have to do. I give them so much credit.

She decided that it made the most sense to find the little man a daycare right close to her work so she can go snuggle him on her lunch hour. She has such good common sense and she and the baby have such a tight bond...I just love watching it. I love that she works at making time for him a priority on her lunch hour.

I have to tell you that besides the pure joy and glowing that is me --when I'm with my little grandson, one of the best things about becoming a grandparent is watching your child be a parent. It is just astoundingly amazing!

She is such a good mother to the little guy and I am just unashamedly saying so. Keep it up girl, always work hard to be the best mom to him that you can be.

I hope you don't mind me bragging. But Jamie, really, you are the best little mother a little boy could ever want. The best.


Autum said...

This brought me to tears because I know just how you feel! It's a beautiful thing, this Nana gig. A beautiful thing.

Unknown said...

It's so different when your daughter gives birth. And to watch her become a mother--not the giving birth part, but the actual day to day mothering. It's a wonderful blessing.

LeaderOfTheChickenParade said...

Thanks Mom --- but I know how to be a great mom because I had the best mom to learn from! You are the best mom we could ever ask for. You even listen to me yell at traffic all the way home from work!! LOL! I miss you every day. I now know what hard work and love and sweat you had to put into taking care of us. Dad too :) And how much you DO love me. We love you!! xoxo Jamie and Levi

Kerin said...

Beautiful post!
How wonderful for you to have such an amazing daughter, and I can tell that she is a blessing in your lives :)

aimee said...

"one of the best things about becoming a grandparent is watching your child be a parent. It is just astoundingly amazing!"
SO agree with this! Great post Joni!

The Preacher's Wife said...

Just came across your blog and this post was so personal to you but dear to my heart as I got to watch my daughter deliver two of her three girls. I feel so blessed to have been part of the birth of my grandchildren. Little Miracles. And, yes, I too couldn't be a more proud mother of my daughter.
Thanks for sharing your sweet spirit.

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

You go right ahead and brag girl. You so deserve to. You have done a wonderful job raising your daughter and Jamie is right, she learned it from you. It is truly amazing watching our children give birth and to be able to sit back and watch them become parents to. That's when we know we've done a great job prepping them to be such wonderful people. I'll definitely keep Jamie in my prayers to find answers. I can so relate as my youngest daughter also has health issues. Hugs to you both!

Tanya said...

We Mommas get to's in our job description!! You just brag away!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Brag away Momma! She learned from one of the best I'd say!

mary your sis said...

She is a wonderful mommy and it brings tears to my eyes to see it. Levi is a fortunate little guy and it's easy to see why you are proud of her. She does what needs to be done with such joy. What a wonderful family they've made!