Tuesday, May 18, 2010

JuneBug...Peekin' in to say "HI!"

Hello, my fans!
Remember me?
It's been a long time since we visited!

Well, you know, I 'm a busy gal.
I have my instincts to tend to, after all.
Hunt. Eat. Play. Sleep!


I am now a year old!

I am a full-time outdoor kitty now. I love it!
The hunting here at this old farmhouse is dandy!

I had a mysterious visit to the vet's office at around six months;
and, strangely, I remember very little of that!

I just had an annoying tugging feeling in my middle for a time,
but I didn't let that stop me!
I'm a wild girl who loves to leap, run, jump, play and I just kept on going!

I am doing patrol at night; hunting as long as I please, and then sleeping away half the day!

It's a blast.
I leave presents for my family to find on the doormat in the garage so they're sure to find it when they come out to get in the car.

Mom only seems mad when it's bird feathers I leave.
We have a few large trees that seem to be "bird condo" heaven,
and the population is plentiful, this time of year, the huntin's good, fast and easy!

(Well, admit it, you like fast food sometimes, too don't you?)

Those new puppies they brought home at Christmastime?
What pests!
I don't mind Dan so much, but my goodness, Ann just won't let me be!
She stalks me.
(Can you believe it?!)

Well, I win.

My win is insured because I know where the Invisible Fence boundaries are! WHOOHOO!
What fun I have, taunting Ann from just OUTSIDE her boundary,
where she'll get zapped but good for coming over!

So I run and leap and zig and zag right on that line,
and just let her think she's going to catch me,
and then ZOOM!
I'm over her line and she gets so mad at me!


Old Dan, now he's just as easygoing as can be,
he plays that game with me a time or two,
but then he quickly tires of trying to get me (smart guy!)
and he just sits and entertains himself
by watching his sister demonstrate her insanity
by trying the same thing over and over again,
and always with the same result!

Well, I'm glad I could visit with you for a minute.
But it's sunset,
and I must sharpen my claws on the big tree out front
and get my prey stalked...
I'm kind of hungry,
that birdy breakfast was 12 hours ago!

This is JuneBug, signing off....



Dar said...

Hi from North Central WI...thanks for stopping by and do come again. I was breezing through your entries and didn't I slide into a lovely piece of chocolate and get stuck in some caramel!, the cutest baby, baby and ornaments that flooded memories of my Grams, long passed. I love what I see and will return....did you bake the wedding cake too? I used to do them before the 'itis' brothers moved into my joints....I've been on the Mackinac and isn't she a beaut! Looking forward to searching more of your happenings out...have a great coming weekend

Suz said...

Okay so I followed Dar here...love your kitty and that you are a patriot..yeah I went to your other blog!
go girl

Paula-Pieces from the Past said...

Love your kitty >^..^< awwwwwe she is pretty!!!