Monday, May 10, 2010

Green Garage-Sale Goodies

Saturday I went to a subdivision sale with a friend.
It was downright wintery, but we soldiered on!
(I actually wore layers: turtleneck, hoodie, and a winter coat and gloves!)
It snowed Saturday in mid-Michigan!
Here it rained and the wind blew at 45 mph and it felt like winter.
(Global warming? Ha!)

Through all of that, we had a good time chatting and catching up with each other.
We walked a lot.
We talked even more.
From 9:30-4:30 we browsed, walked, parked again, browsed some more.

I found some goodies.
The bowl in back (above) is something I've had a while.
It wanted some company.
It's been a long time comin'.
(Lonesome is what it was.)

The little short, fat pitcher on the left was $1...
It's really old and crackly, a little bit stained. I love it!
I'm thinkin' it would look good with a plant inside, trailing over the edge.

(Oh, a little tip for ya: next time you go to a neighborhood sale, take your big cloth grocery bags, they come in pretty handy!
You can load one up fairly well without making forty trips to the car.)

I love this knobby little container (a planter?), too.
It might hold some seashells in the near future;
or lowly lint-laced pocket change.

How much was it?
It was one thin dime!
And this green is something I don't see much.
(I have green accents in my bathroom with the claw-foot tub.)

Now they have a nice home and I had all that fun for


; - )

I had even more fun than that and I'll have more to show, later!

Have YOU been to any garage sales lately?


Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

I love both your pics!!!!
Colors are so perfect and a fav. of mine too.
Good idea with the bags... we should all be doing that!
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

jamjar said...

Great idea about the cloth bags!!! I keep wanting to get out and garage sale but every weekend I've been on the road...burning up the highway between myself and my kids or my folks! You got so great buys!!!! Have I already told you that I love short, fat pitchers? (among about a million other things vintage :)

Shirley said...

I love that little fat pitcher too!! I haven't found a good garage sale this year yet!!

Tanya said...

You have me sooooo in the mood for Garage Saleing!!!!!!!!! I love to...And the $1.10 is pretty good...lucky you!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathie Truitt said...

Well the weather was gorgeous here, but for the past few days has been chilly. Hope you had a good Mothers Day - next one will be even more special once that little cowboy gets here.

Didn't get to garage sale but did drive back country roads all the way from Virginia down to North Carolina and that was a lot of fun. I'll have pics to show soon.

Faith said...

Especially love the knobby color and shape....kinda shabby chic ish....I have not been treasure hunting for a while...making the
garlic bread sticks I write this..raining and cool in Ohio today...but I love rainy dark days,,I get creative and want to bake and cook inside..and it is good for the garden...

Bloggin bout my Boys said...

I am GREEN with envy HA! Love both your finds and that is a darn cute lamp by them. Your trudgery through a blustery SPRING? day was worth it!! Great prices!

Hollace said...

My grandma had that same pitcher with the green stripes. I think its at the beach house now. Wish I had it.

Mary said...

Oh what great finds! I love the little green striped pitcher. Don't you just love a good day of bargain hunting? lol :)

Teresa said...

I am beside myself with the deals you came home with! I can't believe those prices. If you didn't live clear across the country, I'd have to warn you to keep an eye on the knobby planter. Too cute!

Rue said...

Hi Joni :)

Nope, I sure haven't, but I'm itching to go. I love your finds!

Thank you for being my cheerleader sweet friend ;)


Shannan Martin said...

These are the stories that keep us pickers pickin'! :)