Monday, May 3, 2010

Bright & Happy

A couple of things I shall label





The glimpse of spring on the neighboring farm,
just outside my open kitchen window,
as the gingham curtain blows
against the old chair
bringing the cool spring breezes...


I look around and realize how happy the color red makes me...
especially in this little corner of my kitchen.

Do you have a bright or happy corner somewhere in your home
that just makes you want to sing?

YOU are bright and make me happy, too!

I can't begin to tell you how much it means to me that you are a reader of this blog. much your comments mean and how nice it is of you to take the time to leave them!

(I try to respond if your email is enabled...if not please know that I am so glad you stopped in.)

I appreciate all of you!


Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Red makes me happy too! I love the gingham curtains. What a great little corner!


Deanna said...

Blessings to you...have a great week.

Like your happy place and think red is a wonderfully warm and happy color to accent one's home in.

Thinking about using red in my newly decorated kitchen when we get that far. Have to take pictures when it's a reality...let it be soooon.

God Bless you,
d from Homehaven

lillie mae acres said...

How beautiful the pictures and the words. I appreciate you and your wonderful blog. You're right about the color red, it just brings a little cheer wherever it is. Thank you!

Southerngirl said...

You makes me happy and bright! I enjoy the visit and I read your posts with pleasure! Thanks for your beautiful Blog!
Greetings Marion

Patty said...

Your blog is one of the first blogs that I read each morning to begin my day. Your blog is a bright spot. :) Thank you for sharing your life with us! Have a wonderful week. :-)

Happy@Home said...

Your bright, happy spot put a smile on my face this morning. You have created a very cheery area there. I LOVE your header pictures too.

★Carol★ said...

Bright and happy things, indeed! I have a couple of spots in my home that are like that, but your blog is also a bright and happy place for me!
Happy Monday!

Mandy said...

What a cheery post!

I loved your Lynchburg post! We live about an hour from that area. Glad you enjoyed your drive through our state!

I was born and raised in west Tennessee and now live in a small rural town 25 minutes north of Nashville.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

We love you too, Joni! You're such a feisty gal...right up my alley!

Bloggin bout my Boys said...

you know I love you when I use a Wii controller to read your blog when my computer died!

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

I enjoy your blogs because it's so fun and different, which is good. I love country cuz I was born and raised in Oregon country. I try to find bright spots in my house, right now not much in my kitchen. Bright spots are where my colorful photography hangs and where my granddaughter's and my childrens' photos are. They light up my life as well.Thanks for your fun and uplifting posts and keep them coming!

jamjar said...

I love your bright and happy post!!! You help my days to be bright and happy...I love checks!!!

Terrie said...

Your blog is such a warm and happy place to visit and I love your patriotism!!!