Friday, May 7, 2010

Dan & Ann

Remember Dan?

Those floppy ears, squishy skin....

He's grown into a little man!

And Little Ann? Sweet Little Ann?

Here's Little Ann now! All grown up, she weighs in the mid fifties, sweet as can be! (Spunky, too.)

She's always after Dan, wantin' to wrestle, and she's so much smaller, but she doesn't care, she just bulldozes him!

Old Dan...he's closer to seventy pounds.
Sweet, laid back, a country boy.
Not spunky at all, just sweet.

Sit, Dan, Sit.

(Lick, Dan, Lick!)

Good puppies!
(Thanks Uncle Luke for helping them "pose" for a picture!)

You can go here to read about their beginning...

And here to read about them when we went to get them last December.


adsgram said...

I was just thinking about Dan and Lil Ann the other night at my grandson's first Little League game. We met a 5 month old Redbone puppy named Rusty. What a sweet puppy, and it was the first RB I had ever seen.

Your 'babies' are doing so nicely...Happy Mother's Day to all


Kelle at The Never Done Farm said...

They are handsome and lovely. The pictures are priceless.

Did you name them after the movie,"Where the Red Fern Grows"? We love that movie, actually read the book first and just recently picked up a VHS at a garage sale.

Happy Mother's day to you! :o)

LeaderOfTheChickenParade said...

Annie and Dannie are soo cute! They look just like their momma and daddy!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

What a sweet pair!
Scratches and hugs to the two of you!!

Happy Mother's Day, Joni!!!


Donna said...

They sure are cute!

mary your sis said...

Awwww. They make a very cute couple! I'm having a hard time looking at puppy dog eyes and it tugs at my heart when they cock their little heads to the side. Sniff, sniff. In about 10 days we are going to be looking for a new puppy ourselves...