Monday, May 10, 2010

I Spied...For You!

My husband is the EXPERT chocolate chip cookie maker around here.

I am good at the peanut butter sort.
(Always use crunchy peanut butter, that's the secret!).

Yesterday, my son and I gathered up the ingredients and measured them out for chocolate chippers and I stayed in the lab to spy for you, so I could tell you exactly how it is he gets them to be crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, which, to me, is perfection in a chocolate chip cookie.

So, here's a couple trade secrets from our in-house expert.

He uses the recipe off the Tollhouse bag.
He melts MARGARINE; does not use butter.
The dough has no hint of being dry to the touch or being non-gooey.
It's gooey, but not too.
He makes his cookies small, scoops them with a regular spoon.
(No ice cream scooper is small enough for his cookies.)
He takes them out of the oven just before the point of done, never any longer.
He says you have to really watch them, they won't forgive you if you let them stay in the oven too long at 375.

Hope those simple tips help you get them perfect the next time.

Have a great MONDAY!
(Hope your Mother's day was good to you!)

Now...tell me,
do YOU
have any secrets
for cookies
that ensures that
they turn out well every time?


Bloggin bout my Boys said...

WOW is it a good thing I can't eat pictures!! That cookie jar would be empty. They look scrumptious and how great that the hubby is the c.c.cookie expert! That is a GREAT talent to have! Thanks for the undercover work I will remember those tips as cchip are the fave of my hubby and older two boys. My hubby's secret for ch chip cookies....take the Chips Ahoy bag and hide it so noone else gets them HA! Hope you had a blessed Mother's Day and it sure was nice to see the sun back!!

Unknown said...

My cookie secret?! Wellllll, make them while everyone is out of the house, eat enough that I don't get sick, then HIDE the rest in a sealed container, THEN spray air freshner to remove the odor so that no one knows you baked ...... chuckle!

Have a wonderful week.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

jamjar said...

Man, I could almost smell this post!!! I have no cookie secrets unless you count the secrets regarding how many a used to sneak out of the jar while momma was "resting" (code for napping while preg)!

Patty said...

Those look soooo good. :-)

My secret is that I add a little more flour than the recipe calls for and this makes the cookie more full instead of flat. I also use the TollHouse recipe. My friend makes the best cookies but she won't give her secret. Maybe one day... Thanks for spying for us. ;)
Have a blessed evening!

mary your sis said...

MMMmmm, I remember when I used to babysit Jamie and Mark, I always really looked forward to babysitting after your hubby's day off, it meant there would always be a cookie jar full... (but it didn't stay full for long)! I'll try to remember the margarine tip: I've always used butter-- my bad!

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Hubby is the cookie baker here....I do the cakes, pies and cupcakes!

He does use airbake cookie sheets if that is a secret! :-)

Hugz, Dolly