Friday, July 17, 2009

It's the Little Things...

At times,
something you unexpectedly see just makes you take in a deep and sudden breath, it's so pretty. I love the little surprises God tucks in to bless us with in his creation. I was picking raspberries and look what I suddenly saw! I couldn't believe it and had never seen eggs like this in a bird nest around here yet. I am not sure what kind they are, but how lovely! (Every good and perfect gift comes from God.)

I had never known that nature put brown and aqua together so perfectly!

I also found this at a sale last week and love the color of this old flower pot, too; it reminded me of the eggs in the nest. The bottom is stamped U.S.A., and you know I love to find those strange (and sad!) that by now a whole generation will have grown used to NOT seeing that proudly stamped on the bottom of the products they use everyday.

As for the little flowerpot, I haven't decided yet what to do with it (it more than likely will become a gift for someone!) but it was a little surprise, too and made me quickly suck in my breath, half amazed that someone hadn't snatched it up already!

It's a little thing, much like the little nest up above, found in an unexpected place and something that makes me smile!

(The photo of the eggs in the nest look so much more awesome when you click on it to make it larger.)


From the Old InkWell said...

They are so sweet! God is such a perfect artist in everything he makes! :)

Ali said...

Beautiful eggs! I am not sure what kind they are, maybe Northern Mockingbird? I know those are light blue-ish with brown specks, but not sure if they are that bright of blue. And not sure about the size either =) The flower pot is gorgeous, I love that color! Glad it was made in USA, I check everything for that stamp! Have a wonderful weekend =)

PS - we are spending the day at the flea market tomorrow, selling some and definitely shopping! Will think of you when I am snooping around ;-)

Sister #5 said...

The brown eggs are probably from an imposter; a cow bird. Not sure about the blue ones. That's according to Timber's wisdom. Great trasure to find, though. We went raspberry picking in the wild northern woods last night. I got a handful. Nothing like your garden. There aren't too many ripe ones yet; not enough rain. The blackberries are loaded but it will be a long while before they're ready. Didn't see any blueberries (huckleberries); I guess we missed them. Timber said last night that our great grandchildren will never beleive that we used to pick wild berries in the woods. Maybe they will; let's hope so.

Anonymous said...

Timber thinks he was wrong (go figure!). Perhaps these are Mocking bird or Cuckoo bird eggs. It will be fun to watch as they hatch and grow! Great find; enjoy!