Monday, July 27, 2009

Christmas in July

I just had to do it before July ends....I went back and dug out some Christmas tree five months I'll be taking one down again...can you believe that?


❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Merry Chrstmas in July! Your tree is beautiful. Come vist my blog party celebrating Christmas in July.
ps I enjoy reading your blog

Anonymous said...

this MADE my day! I can't WAIT for the fall/winter!

Sue said...

Heehe, I already have the itch to watch the new "How the Grinch stole Christmas" with Jim Carrey. I love Whoville!!

Rue said...

ahhh... snow.... cold... LOVE it! Christmas can't get here soon enough ;)


morninglorycottage said...

It's so hard to think of Christmas when it's 106 outside.
Hi. Finally was able to pop in and catch up with you. You've been really busy. Don't remind me about kitchen remodels. We did ours about 3 years ago and we did it in stages. I lived with the yuckiest floor for at least a year. I'll have to post pictures sometime on my blog. I don't think I have. So glad I could catch up and the kitchen is really looking great. What did you decide for your counters?
Love, Amadna

Anne Marie said...

well.....Merry Christmas!

there simply is nothing wrong with celebrating the birth of Our Lord! every day of the year :)

Donna said...

I think we should just leave 'em Up All year!!Hahaa...hughugs

Dee said...

Love your picture of the your tree....are those the larger C7 bulbs on your tree? I was thinking about doing that a few years back but hubs thought they might be too big. I can't wait to show him this picture if they are! I use that size on the outside of my house in it. Thanks for sharing,

Tracy said...

So funny...I was just thinking the same thing! Summer is my favorite season and it goes SO fast. I was thinking that I'll be putting up another Christmas tree in the blink of an eye! Time passes so fast now that I'm not 20 anymore :)