Sunday, July 26, 2009

Black & White Sundays

Today I will be an unofficial participant with Anne Marie (of NADA FARM) in BLACK & WHITE SUNDAYS....there are always gorgeous photos to look at and you should skip on over to Anne Marie's blog and see all the photos that she and her friends are sharing today! Have a wonderful SUNDAY! And may your world be anything BUT black and white...


Eclectic Chic Style said...

oooh, that's gorgeous, I do love black and white together. So much in fact, that I just realized all of our pets are black and white.
Lovely photo, I may have to join this meme.
♥ Teresa

Sue said...

Oh, what a wonderful photo. Very "striking".

Rue said...

Hi joni :)

Beautiful picture!

The kitchen is really coming along quickly!!

Oh and we either mow the lawn or cut the grass. We say both. In California... it's an all year round thing ;)