Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kitchen Update: GOT LIGHTS!

We have some new light fixtures. It's so strange: you dream of and look through magazines for months, looking and choosing all the goodies for your newly remodeled space and then......

You go to the store.

What a nightmare!

I had to have three, similar but in different configurations. It took me a while, but I found them.

You just do the best you can. You choose your second or third or even your fifth option. WHY do I look at magazines, anyway? Oh well, I won't stop looking at magazines, what I will stop is thinking that I can get my house to look like one! Heh!

I'm tellin' ya...the best fun has got to be "finding" all the cool stuff in your own house or at a garage sale to decorate your newly remodeled space with! Spending $300 on light fixtures cannot compare to the $5 pile of good stuff found at someone's garage sale and that you just LOVE TO PIECES!

YAY! Here's to garage sales!

BOO! To retail prices for light fixtures!

Oh, how dark and dreary things looked today. It started out this morning just pouring. I was thankful, we really did need the rain. The garden has been looking very thirsty and it just isn't the same when you water it with the hose. It rained pretty steady until around noon, and the sun came out a few hours later. I will spend part of tomorrow mowing the lawn.

He did disconnect and tear down the sink and last remaining now we are without water completely out there until our new sink gets installed. That may be more than a week. SO...tonight, I did the supper dishes (we used as few as possible!) in my claw foot tub! I just scrubbed it out, and with a couple of plastic dishpans and some lemon Joy we were all set! It worked out okay, I felt like I was campin', sorta!

Can't say I'd want to do this for a month or anything, but it was fine...I just saved all of the dishes for one washing. He has a couple sheets of drywall left to hang, then it's plumbing to install tomorrow for the new dishwasher (haven't had one in eighteen years!!) and for the ice maker. I'm prayin' that plumbin' goes those with old homes know, sometimes in these old places it can be a challenge!

After that, we should be good to start installing cabinets, and perhaps install some of those light fixtures!

Of course, I'm most looking forward the most to the usefulness of the kitchen coming back again, and then of course the fun part of putting everything up and decorating in my new color scheme!


Deanna said...

God bless you all as you remodel.

KathyB. said...

You're almost cooking! Can't wait to see the end result, bet you can't either.

Donna said...

You sure are all braver than me to attempt a kitchen remodel! Yikes!