Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Raspberry Preserves

My son and I picked four quarts of Monday night and there was still a lot to pick, and we were able to pick on only one side. Since I acquired a VICTORIO strainer, seedless raspberry jam is now possible and it's a very popular Christmas gift! This week's weather is perfect for jam or jelly making and I hope to get all the Christmas jam done and on the shelf to wait to pack into gift bags come December! I made two batches last night which yielded 16 pints of yumminess.
Victorio Strainer

I am heading out after dinner to pick more and hope to get a couple more batches before the week's out and my kitchen gets torn apart for a complete remodel. We HAVE a deadline to get the kitchen completed: and that's before the salsa canning begins! It sure feels good to have these jars all lined up on the kitchen table once they seal. I have to leave them out to look at just for a few days.

And isn't the making of the jam that's hard....

it's the CLEAN-UP!
What's your favorite flavor of jam?


Rue said...

Hi Joni!

I finally am able to log onto your sight!! Yay!!!!

Anyway, that jam sounds delicious :)

I'm glad those kitchen pics helped! Oh and if you've got a 1920's sink to give away... LET ME KNOW!! ;)


Stacie said...

That looks delicious!

I think a nice warm piece of toast with a dab of your jam would be a lovely treat for breakfast.

I'll be sure to watch my mailbox ... just incase you send some my way. :D

chandelier said...


Thistle Cove Farm said...

I'm the strange one who actually LIKES the seeds left in berry jam! Yours looks delicious and I'm thinking hot biscuits, butter and a Big Spoon!

blushing rose said...

I need the seeds in raspberry jam ... everything looks so scrump-dilly-ish-ous! When is it sample time? TTFN ~Marydon

Gran Jan said...

I found your site through another blog I read and love it! I will definitely be back!

My personal favorite is fig preserves, a true Southern delight.

However, I made bluberry jam last month.

Check out my blog to see the pictures and I'll send you the recipe if you're interested:

Georgia Jan

DownBranchRoad said...

Raspberry is by far most favorite! You got a lot! Ck my blog for my bowl of beautiful wild raspberries found in the mountains of Southern KY on the July 4th weekend.
I have boiled my down but I froze the juice. I will make jelly as soon as I find the time.
Love your blog.
Thanks for sharing.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Strawberry. But that is my favorite fruit.
Secret....I've never tried raspberry or blackberry jam.
I need to do something about that.

Kathleen Grace said...

What flavor don't I like!? That raspeberry sounds so good. I like to look for unusual combinations. I haven't done jam in several years, maybe this year I'll get back into it:>)