Sunday, July 19, 2009

June Bug's Journal....

Hi, it's me, June Bug again. Meow! I thought you might like an update on how things are going with me here. I am growing; I am getting longer legs and a longer tail. I enjoy going where I like, when I like (after all, I AM June Bug, queen of the farmhouse!) . I particularly like to get on the table and steal mints. These are pictures of daddy catching me stealing mints and carrying them off hanging from my mouth like they're prize mice. (I know I look awfully guilty, but I'm just practicing my hunting skills, although those things do help quite well with tuna breath!)

I have developed a taste for fine toys. One, a crumpled ball of paper. Two, a crumpled ball of foil. (Foil skates quite well across the kitchen floor for me! It works on carpet, too!) And three, I also like to steal plastic shopping bags out of mom's bag keeper and play with one of those crunchy-sounding things for hours at a time!

A crumpled ball of paper is especially nice when tied to a string which is hung from one of the kitchen chairs: I can play tetherball for as long as I can stand it! It's quite entertaining! Below (at the very bottom of the post) is a video of me just workin' that ball!

I met another member of extended family: Katie. Meow. She just adored me (I could tell!) and I believe she shot over a hundred pictures of me with my mom's big camera. I sure was tired that night from all the posing she had me doing....get a load of THIS...

Hugs, anyone?

And this is my pensive pose...Oh I just crack me up! MEOW!

I tried to be the best little kitty I could be for all the pictures she wanted to get....and I enjoyed looking at myself in the lens....see the concentration here? I'm intrigued! MEOW!

Showin' off my huntin' skills...she needed that camera set to SPORTS because, baby, I can move!

This is me when I heard that I have to go to the VET next week....I suppose I could hide in my little jungle and hope they forget all about that! YIKES!

Until next time, this is June Bug, signing off.



English Cottage in Georgia said...

Love your JuneBug! What a cute kitty. We have one cat which I appreciate soooo much when she shows of her nightly hunt of a mouse or a rat. I am not too happy when a bird has been her prey.

KathyB. said...

I love your little June Bug! Cats are the best entertainment, aren't they? And they are also the best comforters....I do not understand people who disdain cats, they ( cats ) offer so much to humanity and are also not as independent and snooty as typical press would have us believe. Keep on showing us your June Bug!

Carol Murdock said...

June Bug...I do believe you are a camera HAM! A mighty cute one at that!

Anonymous said...

Ummm....cutest thing EVER!!! Adorable!!!!

ctgardengirl said...

What a sweetie! He (she?)is just beautiful. And what a cute name.
I love cats too - I've had my beloved Max for his entire 11 years. He's the joy of my life.

Lallee said...

OH, you have a new kitty too! What an adorable name and face. I just love her. It sounds like she is up to the very same antics and chewing (teething) as our new Chelsea Ann Babycakes is. Delightful photos. Keep them coming!