Monday, September 15, 2008

Z is for Zinnia.....

I have always loved Zinnias....perhaps it could be because of the shortage of words that began with the same first letter of my childhood last name: Zenker. So I've liked them for a long time. This year they liked me back, prolific buggers, they are.
I've planted a few over the years from time to time. But this year, I actually made a border of these cheerful blooms all the way around the new garden we put into the spot where the old barn used to be. I think they liked the dirt where the chickens used to live and, well....where they lived and pooped. It's just the way it is. Our tomatoes liked that old chicken poop, too.
They did pretty well most of the time, that is, unless Duke would see a FROG in the garden, then he would trample whatever might have been in his way to get at that frog. So from time to time they looked bedraggled if you looked real close, but from the driveway or the road they looked so cheerful, happy, and just plain cute as my border this year.
Oh, and the one time we saw Duke actually catch a frog was so funny! He had it, took it into his mouth, and as frogs will do, he peed in Duke's mouth. Duke dropped it like a hot potato and had a little foamy froth for a few minutes as he ran around the yard shaking his head looking for a drink of water! That'll teach him!

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