Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My kid is #87. He hates practice but loves game day. Hehehe....wonder why? I also tend to not like running him to practice, (although it is redeemable, nice only because I get a walk in with a very nice football-mom-friend) but so far, we have all loved every single game day. This team has a great bunch of coaches, they are wonderful to give of their time to work with our boys.

We lucked out and had a buy on the worst, rainiest most horrid weather day the weekend of the 13th...the memorable weekend when hurricane Ike came up here to the north and dumped on us big buckets of rain.

Each game day so far has been sunny and gorgeous. What could be better for fall? We get to sit in the stands with some great families and especially some of the very best of grandmas that have the most fun of all of us. They have their little clappers-- noisemakers--to let their grandsons that they're there, and they're all for the HORNETS! Soon, those grandmas will have some cowbells....now I'll have to let you know how that goes!