Monday, September 1, 2008

Good-Bye Summer!

Good-bye, summer! You sure have a lot for us to miss about you! We wait so long for you to come, and now it's time for you to leave. Won't you stay just a little longer!? There is so much for you to offer us and we enjoy so much of it. But hey, if it was ALWAYS summer, then we wouldn't think all of this was so special........the classic car shows,

.... the afternoons and evenings at the baseball field, America's favorite pastime is also mine on a nice breezy summer day!

Hot summer afternoons, lazing in the cool, refreshing pool water....looking at the cloud formations, trying to find objects in the bluest of skies.....

How much excitement there is when we can finally go to Pat's Market and pick out all the flowers for the whiskey barrels, and get the plants and seeds for the vegetable garden!

Spending time by the water in Michigan is a MUST for those of us born and raised here, who spent many summer afternoons as a kid watching the water lick the shore....

The excitement when the first green beans are ready to eat, as well as the summer squash, the gorgeous and sweet red tomatoes, all the goodness as a return, just for putting seeds into the garden and with the rain God sends we reap the most delicious pure food.

The joy we feel when our contry celebrates the freedoms that so many sacrificed and died to give to us. Summer starts with Memorial day and in the middle is the splash of color that is the fourth of July. Oh, how I love that day and the night sky that booms!

Summer gives me the chance to hang out all the laundry if I want to, and I usually want to! There's nothing like the joy of sorting the laundry and hanging it carefully on the line, to be kissed by the sunshine and softened by the wind! I know, I'm weird, but I really, really love doing this! How can you match the smell of crisp, clean, fresh-smelling sheets when you pull back the covers at night after a hard day's work?

Another summer favorite is FLIP FLOPS!!! I hope to be buried in a pair because my feet are their happiest without the constraints of a shoe! You can never have too many flip flops!

And, thank you God, for raspberries! How you came up with that one, I don't know but I am sure glad that you did. Thank you for the person who came up with a recipe to make them into freezer jam so we can enjoy the fresh taste of raspberries all winter long!

And, while I'm at it, God, you know how much I love those strawberries that come from our own little patch in the garden! Even the birds are happy when these come in, and the little rabbit who has her babies here each spring!

And the peoonies, that the man who was born and died right here on this old farm planted to enjoy, thank you Lord, that you made so many things that were made just purely to look at and enjoy with our eyes and our cameras.....we are probably the fourth generation to enjoy these pink wonders....

And, even a good summer storm is one of the great things about summer, the beauty of a rainbow after a good downpour, and the sweet, fresh smell of the earth when it has been renewed by the vigor of the rain!

For wildflowers, and the purple sunsets....I am so thankful that we live out where not much blocks the purple, orange, and periwinkle sunset!

Good-bye summer, I bid you a fond farewell, and I will be more than happy to wait until you return to us again, we know we've had you for our fair share of time, and now it's time for you to march on around the globe and go to the other side of the world! 

On now to the delights of a new and gorgeous fall season!

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Joy said...

Great shots of what makes summer so special and full of memories.