Friday, September 5, 2008

It's salsa time!!!!!!!

It's salsa time around here! We made our first batch, almost forty quarts....yesterday. And between Lem and I we have around twelve hours into this batch. From picking the all the varieties of peppers, onions and all the tomatoes, to washing, rinsing, scalding, peeling, quartering, chopping, cooking, stirring, we have satisfaction in jars sitting on the kitchen table, all sealed up, and some of it is destined for Christmas gift-giving.

We grew most all the ingredients ourselves, I just had to buy the cilantro. Although I had planted my own cilantro, I wasn't aware it liked shade and so it went to seed early. I will try it again next year so that ALL my ingredients will be our own!

I'm hoping we can make another batch or two at least! I'm sure next week I will need to set aside another whole day just for the abundant tomatoes I'm seeing in the garden!

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Autum said...

Mmmmmm.... Homemade salsa is the best!