Friday, September 12, 2008

Can it be seven years since 9/11?

I didn't have time to post yesterday but I want to say in honor of 9/11, that I pledge to never forget. I can never forget the sound of my daughter's voice as she called to me, to come and watch what was happening: the urgency in it I will never be able to erase from my memory. I can't forget how it made me feel, the absolute sickness and shock that came over my whole body, that instantly made me weak.

How can it be seven years since that morning that we all felt the punch to the gut that those terrorists set out to hit us all with that morning from our east coast---terror that was inflicted upon all lovers of America, those around the world and all of us patriots living here, going about our business on a perfectly beautiful, blue-sky morning?
How can we forget?

Who among us wants to feel that same fear again? Who among us would want to see the Pentagon on fire again, the reports of planes disappearing from the radar? The eerie quiet of the sky from the absence of the planes, once all flights were grounded, not just for a day, but for almost a week?

God, please, in spite of all of our many faults, honor the sacrifice of those that came before us, those that purchased our freedom, and keep on blessing America, for we love her so much!
You have blessed us with exceptional everyday heroes, regular people, like the firemen and the policemen, all the emergency workers and regular people who felt that they should run to the disaster instead of away.
In this country we are blessed with the courage possessed by regular people like those on the doomed flight in Pennsylvania that had the courage to make a plan instead of sitting belted in their seats and waiting to die, they were resourceful and smart and executed their plan to take the plane back, and they died trying. What courage!
Give us all the courage to take on evil, and moreover, the courage to call evil what it is. You have blessed us with people who still have that gutsy and famous American Courage that came down to us as a heritage from our forefathers, to stand up and to fight back. Continue to bless us, I pray!

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