Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Joys of Boys: Tractors!!

Levi LOVES tractors.  I think most boys do, but this boy is CRAZY about them.  He's almost sixteen months and has been talking about tractors in his SLEEP! for months now.  Ha!  What a kid!

His daddy works on heavy equipment all day long and Levi asks every day about his daddy.  Of course, we say "He's at work!", and always, he'll reply "Tractors?".  

And we answer, "Yes, daddy is working on tractors!"  
And so he is.

He and his daddy have a tractor, an antique '52 Ford 8N.  Of course, Levi knows what you have to do to start it, and he'll show you if you ask.

Nana and Mama found this old tractor for sale one day at an antique shop in Michigan when Jamie visited earlier this summer.

It's in Levi's possession now, and he couldn't be prouder.

Recently their little town had a festival and there was a parade of tractors, all tractors.

Levi "Ooohh"ed and "Ahhhh"ed over each and EVERY tractor in the parade.

Some time ago, I purchased a set of DVDs for Levi for Christmas and he absolutely loves them.  One is always loaded into a small TV that he  can operate.  And every day, at least one time a day, he's in there watching his little tractor DVD...soon he'll be identifying those tractors in the local tractor long as they're "John Deere"!

The video set is wonderful and they can be bought individually if you don't want the whole set.

A review of the set from

A handsome 4-DVD collection which includes all four All About John Deere DVDs. Three hours of exciting John Deere action featuring Johnny Poppers, John Deere's newest and biggest tractors, excavators, planters, dozers, hay balers, front-end loaders, and much more. We trace the growing season -- from planting the seeds to harvest. Show how corn, soybeans, pumpkins, and grapes are harvested. We visit the Two-Cylinder Expo and the Thresherman Show in Northwest Iowa with over 300 vintage John Deeres on display.
See Feller Bunchers, Knuckleboom Loaders, and Log Harvesters in action. Laugh with jam-prone Otto and tap your feet to the original award-winning music of James Coffey. Kids will learn, laugh, and want more. Grown ups, too.

If you need an idea for a birthday or Christmas for a little boy in your life, I thought you might want a high recommendation from another little boy:  Levi Jack heartily endorses this DVD set!

"Wanna ride my TRACTOR?!"


Mary Jane said...

Your Levi is absolutely adorable! I love these pictures, especially the one with his Daddy...both look delighted.

All of our grandchildren wanted to ride on the tractor with DeeDaw, (their grandaddy), when they were little. It is a magnet for kids! Now, most are teenagers, and a couple of the boys who live nearby run it sometimes. We only have three tractors! Two are running, but the very old Ferguson is not at present.

When my husband and his twin brother were very small, they were playing outside one day when they were visiting their grandparents. Suddenly, the adults heard the big old "Poppin' Johnny" start up...the kind you had to turn a crank on the side to start...and his twin had started it! It was a job for a man!

Boyett-Brinkley said...

So cute! And what a great gift idea!

Brenda Evans said...

That is one precious beautiful boy. Eat him up because before you know it he will be grown and driving a real tractor. It seems like yesterday my grandson was Levi's size and today he gets his driver's license. Where did the time go?

Kerin said...

Nothing could be cuter :)
He sure looks at home on that tractor.

Barbara Pask said...

Levi is just precious! Aren't grandchildren just the best thing in the world? Love the photos of him on the tractor and the one of his tiny feet, so sweet.

mary your sis said...

How adorable! So cool that he loves tractors instead of veggie monster or some stupid, inane cartoon. His love of tractors can teach him life skills. Did you see the actor who played the mailman on "Cheers" talking about our need for what he called tinkerers in our society? People who learn a trade such as mechanics or woodworking are needed to move our country forward. We've put too much importance on a college education, and forgotten to teach our young people real life skills. Good for Levi and his hard working Daddy! And who knew you and Jamie would find a tractor for sale at an antique shop? Good for you!