Friday, October 21, 2011

iPictures: Flowers for Mommy

Levi and I took a late afternoon walk up the lane to the mailbox.  You know the story:  the light was right and my subject was of course, adorable.  The iPhone is all I had with me.  It works just fine!  Of course, sunbeams are always welcome and add to the excellent conditions for smart phone photography!

I have a photo almost identical to these of Jamie bringing me a small handful of lilacs.  Such precious memories!

We took mommy flowers for when she woke from her afternoon nap.  It was a busy day with a pediatrician's visit first thing this morning for Audrey and then some errands.  

Levi and I had a nice day together while mommy was gone.  Jamie and I have been working to transition him from two naps a day down to one long nap.  The poor kid is cutting FOUR eyeteeth, so he has had a little trouble sleeping lately, but doing well overall with the change--each day gets a little better.

Baby Audrey will have her own post here soon.  We had a little photo session with her over the weekend.  She is a good little girl, and other than a lot of spitting up she's just the sweetest little doll.  

She has her daddy wrapped right around her finger, he just loves her to pieces and that hair of hers is the same shade as his, it's just beautiful.

Her brother also really loves her.  He kisses her tenderly whenever he has the chance and we help him "share" his toys with her.  Tonight, we had blanket time on the floor with Audrey, and Levi wanted to lay down beside her.  

Oh, my goodness he looked just huge next to her little tiny self.  It's so cute, he calls her "sista" in his little toddler talk.  

What has amazed me the most about this new little sibling, is that instinctively, Levi knows this little one is a person, not a doll or a toy.  

I wish more of our politicians "knew" this!  

I contend that we are all born with this knowledge inside of us, this instinct lays deep in our consciences, and that over time and with what some call "higher education" we are sold a lie about a "blob" or some such hooey and unfortunately, some believe the lie they are told by those who think they "know" more than God does.

In our state, I am ashamed to say that abortion is legal ALL NINE MONTHS of pregnancy.   It's terrible and I hope that before I die, I see abortion become illegal--not only in my own state but everywhere in the USA.

I don't see how it's possible for God to bless a country whose most innocent ones are allowed to be slaughtered for the convenience of another.  

Every life is precious. 


Lori said...

oh my goodness -- those beautiful blue eyes!

Valerie said...

Beautiful pictures! Levi is adordable.

I had no idea Michigan was one of THOSE states! I just saw 2 incredible by a minister stopping the youth on the street and asking them if they know who Hitler was. Sadly, many did not. Anyway, he then makes the connection from state-sanctioned abortion. So many in our country hold the opinion that..."abortion would never be okay for me...but I can't tell someone else what to do..."

Why? Why can't we have the courage to stand up and say...abortion is never scenario makes it okay...not rape, not poverty...not the myth of overpopulation...

I know many disagree with me...


I will be praying for your politicians...and mine.


Unknown said...

What a beautiful post and such a sweet little man....I completely agree with you. Prayers are needed for our leaders, always.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Great photos, adorable subject matter. I am sorry to say that I think America is getting blessed less and less and I think it due to the decline of the family and that includes abortion. I agree with you completely.

Linda said...

So precious! Children...Grandchildren....they are all so precious.