Friday, October 7, 2011


I have the MOST AWFUL ache in the pit of my stomach right now.  I changed my blog, losing the custom set up I had here with my header and everything on my sidebar.   ONE CLICK of a key!  And I forgot to take a screen shot to save!!  All my quotes and cute stuff is gone!

I downloaded my old template, because blogger tells me I can go back to it if I want.  I don't believe them, because I cannot get the download even to open and the hours of work in it....oh, does my tummy hurt!!  

But what I want to know is if you LIKE being able to see every post I have ever published as you scroll down the whole page.  

Was my header and sidebar a daily distraction?  

I really want your feedback because this is something radical, but in a way, if you really look, it is so neat!

Just choose a photo, that photo is a blog post: hover your mouse over and it tells the title and the date published, if you want to read that post, simply click on the box and then a pop-up with come up with the whole post!
There are different views at the top that YOU can customize my blog to--play around with them a little and see which one you like best.  I like "magazine" and "mosaic", and this one I am set to is supposed to be "flip book".  

My pictures and stories are the same, just nothing on a header and nothing on a sidebar.  I am not sure what to think of that, although at first it seems less distracting to me.  I loved my playlist, and on ocassion would just leave it on if I was working nearby.  I hope they will, as blogger has promised, come up with some ability for me to do add-ons. 

If consensus is that this is TERRIBLE, then I will do my best to get my old look back, although I am not sure that it will be easy.

PLEASE leave your feedback, I need it now more than ever!



nancy said...

Joni, I am truely sorry you lost it. I honestly I loved your blog the way it was, it was like coming home. Just like your playlist. But change is good to. clinking on a pic in the background is kinda cool. I guess the big thing is do you like it? I Just really miss the music, and the picture of your house. But one thing is sure I'm a big fan of your blog. You have a way of touching hearts when you write.
Your fan and friend Nancy at

Laura said...

Joni, I'm not sure...I loved the old one, but I could get used to this. I'm a creature of habit and change comes hard. The set up is kind of neat and the changes sure would never drive me away. I do miss the music...
Hey, change is good sometimes! Will always come back, no matter what!

Penny said...

Hmmmm -- I am confused, Joni, and perhaps you will be, too, when I tell you that your blog looks the same as always here! The music is the same, your header shows your beautiful farmhouse and some autumn scenery..... Your sidebar is there, too. I know very little about computers and basically nothing about creating a blog, but this is crazy, no?!

Lynnae said...
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Susan said...

I like it the way it was. But---I am a true fan and will follow it either way. Keep up the good work.