Monday, October 31, 2011

Is it Monday Again?! Home Again, Jiggety Jig!

♫  ..."Who told me? 

♫  So hold on loosely, ♪ 

♪  But don't let go..."  ♫

The forecast for Friday morning was cloudy and rainy in Alabama--it matched my mood as I kissed and hugged everyone good-bye in the early darkness and marched blindfolded by hot burning tears spurting from my eyes and hitting my glasses like a rainstorm-- to head for the car I had all loaded.  

I had rocked each baby the night before at their bedtime, reassuring them that I loved them, telling them papa loved them, too, whispering prayers into their soft, sweet hair:  prayers of protection and preservation,  knowing that it will be harder than ever to be so far away.  

Nana's eyes were still cloudy as I approached the Tennessee line and I scattered rain on the long way home, leaving each state with more of my salty precipitation.  

But I could also smile, as I remembered all the fun I had serving this little family by helping and the paycheck I got?  Well, we had a blast doing the normal everyday things, as well as the times of laughing ourselves silly and all the playing I got to do with Levi.  Smiling as I saw such a fun little boy, full of personality and character.  One of the best days was a visit to the pumpkin farm and oh, how he loved it!   

I had been blessed to spend almost four weeks helping my daughter and her husband welcome a new member to their family.  I loved it. She's healed and into a routine and confident and seems so energetic.

She's going to be busy, but with a sixteen-month-old and a newborn, that's to be expected.  Audrey and Levi are doing great.

I headed back with a heavy, but a happy heart, if that makes any sense.  So thrilled for FAMILY.  

Thankful that family means everything to this daughter of mine.  She gives it all that's she got--pushing that cart up the hill, carrying her family forward.  

She works hard every day to take care of the little ones, her home, her husband.  I cannot ask for more.  Her husband has made her and the kids his priority and I love to watch how proud he is of his little family.

And now I look forward to the next visit, when I can again dive right into the waters of the sweetness, softness and the pure wonder that is NEW LIFE.

Back to life at the old farmhouse, facing the wonderful holiday season with a smile on my face, and every now and then, I find myself whispering her name to myself...

"Audrey, Audrey, we have an Audrey!"

Pure JOY.

Stick around.  Onward we go now to November and December--the holidays that mean so much, and the very best time of the year!



lil red hen said...

This is just so touching, for I've also shed tears upon parting. They are precious little ones, and with loving parents to care for them; may they be blessed with God's love.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Oh I know you did cry as you pulled out of state homeward bound, Joni...
Your daughter is so lucky to have you! And you, her :)
I came back to my email and saw you had message! I answered back but you had gone. :(
Come by and join us for Annie's giveaway. I would love to have you over!!
xo, misha

Tanya said...

Well my friend...I feel like bawling with you! I can't imagine how hard it is to be away from those babies. I feel blessed that my new granddaughter will be close so my heart is with you. They are both adorable! That Levi is just squeezeable!
Keep the pictures coming for us!
And just keep those memories fresh in your mind!

mary your sis said...

I can almost smell the baby powder and lotion when I see the photo of Audrey with the soft blanket partially covering her. What a sweet little blessing. And Levi, with his cweet blue eyes, giving the camera that Steely, John Wayne look! They're both so precious and you have every right to be proud of Jamie and Thad. They have their priorities right; putting the priveledge of raising and teaching children ahead of the pursuit of money for things they don't really need. Bless you all!

Unknown said...

Joni, this is so heart warming. Congrats on your little Miss Pinky. She is beautiful .. so is your wee boy ... look at his gorgeous eyes.

I know your emotions, well.

Laura said...

I've been on the other side...watching my parents drive away toward their home.
It was never easy...
My mom did a wonderful job keeping in touch with my kids (back in the day where phone calls were once a week, no email, skype, or texting). She sent cards and postcards with cute drawings of her and my dad at least once a week.

sherry said...

this pulls at my heart strings in a big way. i *so* look forward to the day my daughter marries and begins a family. 'course, she's in need of a husband .. small detail. ha!

wonderful pictures. your grand-baby is precious and your grand-son is soo adorable. ;o)