Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wedding Day...

Jamie and her daddy, May 12, 2007

Off to a wedding today, the first I've been to this summer...
so excited. This wedding is preceeded by the earth shattering event of

Me, successfully giving myself my OWN French manicure.


I am still in awe.
But back to the wedding I'm attending today.

It's been a sweltering several weeks, with high humidity...the kind of humidity that induces a person to sweat instantly in noticeably unladylike ways upon stepping out of doors.

Well, the bride got lucky, because Thursday night, the weather broke. It's a beautiful summer weekend: the weather tomorrow is to be sunny and eighty degrees. What more could a bride ask for?

I went today to help the bride and the family get the hall ready for the reception.

OH MY. I should have set up a blog post long ago about you all this, they GREW THEIR OWN FLOWERS for the wedding! There are flowers everywhere!

Bells of Ireland, Hydrangeas, Gladiolas, and even their own ferns and English Ivy for filler. I will try to capture some photos for you, this family is so resourceful! Growing their own flowers! They're doing their own food, too. Amazing.

I have a beautiful new dress to wear that I found with the tags on,
at a garage sale for $8, I was beyond thrilled and it fit perfectly...
maybe I'll have someone get a pic for you.

I've known the bride since she was little bitty, am friends with the bride's mother
and it makes me feel so old to know that she's going to be a wife!

I am happy for her.

I know that feeling now that parents of the bride wrestle with...part happiness, and the other part? Heartbreak in liquid form...those tears that flow from somewhere inside your head and pour out your eyes, they're bittersweet saltwater emotions...that have nothing to do with one's head, it's just your love for your child squirting straight out of your heart up into your eyes, and onto your cheeks into your kleenex...

Oh, weddings make me all sentimental...every time.
Do they do that to you, too?


Anonymous said...

I have NEVER successfully given myself a French manicure. Kudos!Please post a picture of you in your dress!
Sounds like an amazing wedding, flowers and all.
Whenever I go to a wedding, I spend the ceremony controlling my sobbing. It's so beautiful. I'm just like that at weddings. Don't know what I'll do when Chickie gets married someday...

English Cottage in Georgia said...

I cannot imagine growing my own flowers for a wedding...please have pics to show at a later date:-).
I do love weddings and ALWAYS cry at weddings.
LOL! I hated the tears flowing when I was younger - afraid people thought I wanted the groom to stay single or that my own marriage was in trouble.

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Last Sat. evening we attended a wedding. The reception was outside and the weather was beautiful.As we were driving home, there was a beautiful sunset to end the day. Today we are attending a funeral of at the same church, of a friend's husband that died unexpectedly Monday night. Better a wedding than a funeral but they are both part of life's story. At least my friend is in heaven with the Lord, which is a good thing. Hope had a fun day! Hugs!

Unknown said...

Oh, golly! I want to see more pics ... GREW THEIR OWN FLOWERS?! This has to be an awesome event ... I always shed a tear or two or more ... isn't that what we are supposed to do when we are happy? Chuckle.

Looking forward to your sharing more ...
Have a lovely PINK weekend.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Regan Family Farm said...

Yikes! Sounds like something to avoid at all costs!