Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gardens, Gates and Welcoming Cottages

Ya'll are in for some reruns...only the best, of course.

From last summer's files are some particularly yummy eye candy...taken on Mackinac Island...

so feast your eyes, I know I did.

I am going to be extra busy in the next three weeks,

until my daughter's visit, her shower, and my niece's wedding, I'm going to be runnin' like a chicken with my head cut off....
(Do you say that, too?!)

By the way, chickens, with their heads cut off, DO RUN.

It's not pretty and that's how I'm going to be looking the next couple weeks, so bear with me, and stick around, I'll be back!

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous scenery on Mackinac this robin's egg blue home....

It's hard to take a bad picture there, unless there's fog or rain, and even then it's pretty awesome.

What are you up to this last month of summer?


Valerie said...


Hello there! Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your kind comments on the arrival of our precious baby boy! We are all exhausted, but in love around here!

As for you, it sounds like you are going to be pretty busy for the next few weeks.

Love, LOVE, love, the Mackinac Island pics! One of my most favorite places in the United States. I remember my grandparents taking me on the ferry as a child, but I have been back a time or two as an adult. Most recently (about a decade ago!) with my husband who had never been there! In fact, I think we stayed at the Cottage Inn...we stayed on the island one year for an anniversary trip! It was so special!

Anyway, take care of yourself,


Faith said...

This looks like a beautiful place, I should like to visit one day..beautiful pictures....we'll catch up with you in few weeks.

Unknown said...

What a place to go and forget about everything! It has to be hard to stay on the Island and then come back home. Of coursse, plenty of ideas are burnt in your memory.

I'm joining your blog. It is beautiful.

English Cottage in Georgia said...

I do not know if you are tormenting me or aiding in my personal growth. The pics you post of Mackinac Island are motivating me to visit, but that bridge........

Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

Oh thank you for that treat! We usually go up north for the summer and we couldn't this summer. I miss my Mackinac!!