Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vintage Toy Baby Shower: Part Two

The little man was met at the car when he arrived by family members who couldn't wait to meet him and...who could not wait to get their hands on him! He had no shortage of people waiting to hold him whenever someone was willing to give him up.

(Don't you just want to kiss those soft, perfect little lips and squeeeeeze those cheeks?!)

Here is the food table which was full of salads of all kinds...rolls, crackers and cheese and fruit as well as a few desserts. The day turned out to be intensely warm, so I was really happy we'd decided on a menu that was cool and no hot foods had to be prepared.

While getting things around for the shower, I stopped at a garage sale and found a "LITTLE GOLDEN BOOK" card game in a box for a quarter. All the cards had illustrations from classic Little Golden Books...since I knew we were using those books to decorate, I bought it thinking we'd find something to use it for!

And did we.

We used them as tags for our gift bags for prizes and for the food sister made the handwriting look like a kid's writing.

All of my friends brought salads and there was a delicious variety. I'm so thankful for everyone who pitched in to help! It made everything so much more simple for me.

Our menu was:
Summery salads of all kinds
Spinach salad
Broccoli cauliflower salad
Pasta salad
Chinese coleslaw
Spinach salad

Yeast rolls
Crackers and cheese
Fruit bowl
Orange Mousse dessert
Strawberry Trifle
Iced Tea
White Grape punch
(Recipe is 7-up and White Grape Juice concentrate and ice. YUMMY!)

My friend Luann grew flowers for her daughter's wedding that had taken place the weekend before Levi's shower. Here are some of the ones sitting on the gift table that she still had left in her garden, so she brought a vaseful to share! Beautiful!

Levi did so well, he had made the trip from home to Michigan on Friday and Saturday, and then the shower was Sunday.....what a little trouper!

Levi and his great Aunt Brenda...

Great Grandma checks Levi out...

Four generations here: Levi, his mom and me and my mom.

Jamie got to see one of her childhood friends, Lindsey who had her little boy in December, what a cutie he is!

Levi's great Aunt Mary, my sister who helped give the shower for him.

Jamie and Pat, a neighbor from our old house, whom Jamie hadn't seen in years and years! It was so good to see her there.

And now Levi catches a nap on great Aunt Pam! Shhh!

It was great seeing friends and neighbors, all together!

All these ladies were such a big help, and they are all great friends to me!

Jamie, being ... Jamie.

I got to hold Max and put him to sleep,
I just loved the little curl in the middle of his forehead!

My sweet little grandniece McKenzie, and her mom, Jackie.
McKenzie starts kindergarten this fall, already!

Levi and mommy pose with his sweet train cake!

And yes, Autumn cut that beautiful cake!

I wonder if she's thinking...

"It took me hours to make this, and now I'm CUTTING IT?!"

Autumn did such a wonderful job!

Thanks for looking in, and enjoying with me our Vintage Toy Baby Shower for Levi!


Kathie Truitt said...

How fun! And my goodness how he's grown. Why, he's almost as big as Jamie.

You're the cutest Nana I've ever seen! The pride and love is all over your face.

Thanks for sharing.

glor said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. What a beautiful little boy. I'm sure once you get to hold him you never want to let go.

mary your sis said...

It was a fun, happy celebration; a wonderful shower given with so much love. Now that that is behind you, will your next project be a bedroom for little Levi at Nana and Papa's house? I can't wait to see that when you're done!

mary your sis said...

P.S. Hope he makes it back here soon so I can kiss those sweet little cheeks! And what beautiful blue eyes... we miss you already, Levi!

Donna said...

What a great looking party! He sure is a cutie pie!

baby gifts said...

Such a great shower! Looks like everyone had fun. Thanks for sharing. Anyway, little Levi is so cute, he reminds me of my nephew. :)