Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm A Kid at Heart...

I can hardly contain my excitement....

The sights...

The sounds...

The smells...

If it's August, it's time for the county fair,

And, that's next week!

It's much the same, but still, every year, I get so excited about it.

In fact, I feel joy when it's time to go!

Good friends, good food, and good fun!

I'm sure the first time my husband took me, he was probably astounded....

it was the first time I'd ever went.

You see,

I'd never gone to the fair as a child, so it was all new to me.

So exciting.

I'd never ridden a ride, never eaten a corn dog,
fresh from the brightly colored booth...
it was awesome, tasted wonderful
and when I laid down at night,
I still felt like I was on the ferris wheel
with the music,
the twinkling lights,
the sound of the engine grinding the gears and
rising up, up, up and
seeing all the people below,
feeling the wind in my hair,
it was MAGIC.

I still think the county fair is one
of the most magical things there is
in this great country of ours,
it's timeless,
going on for hundreds of years now...

It's fun to still be a kid when you're lookin' at fifty...
even if for
Just ONE NIGHT a year!


Tara said...

Keep your dreams alive..It's great to be a kid again even if only for one day..I love country fairs..xx

Anonymous said...

I'm with you..LOVE the fair {we call it a 'show' in Australia} Everything about it brings back happy childhood/teenage memories for me..
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!
Luv Ann.xx

sherry said...

i'm not crazy about fairs (don't hate me..hehe). but i happily remember our annual town carnival. growing up in Winthrop Harbor, Illinois we enjoyed a delightful carnival complete with ferris wheel and *the scrambler* ride. i always pee'd on the scrambler, much to my sister's horror. couldn't help it. laughing too hard and lived up to my name (that she still calls me) of 'pee brain'. or is it 'pea brain' for my intense dislike of peas. hm. perhaps it could work both ways. sweet sister, hm? my *favorite* part of the carnival was cotton candy. oh Lordy. my daughter and her beau went to our state fair last week and brought home a BIG bag of the sweet stuff. all. for. me. thought i'd died and gone to heaven. ;o)

okay - back to my unofficial bloggie break. don't tell anyone i was here, ok? wink.


Kathie Truitt said...

Honey you DESERVE to feel like a kid - a NORMAL kid with a NORMAL childhood. Here's hoping you eat cotton candy, funnel cakes and corn dogs til you puke, and then get on the ferris wheel and do it all over again.