Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Burp Cloth Bundles: A Tutorial

Just in case you'd like to make a pile of easy-peasy burp cloths to have on hand for baby gifts, I threw together a tutorial for you. I haven't shown the most fun part, and that is choosing the flannel (on sale this month at JoAnn for $2.49, which is regularly $5.99!).

This stuff is a dream to sew on; they call it "snuggle flannel" and finishes off so well. It's worth the wait for it to go on sale to stock up!

For a pattern, get a piece of freezer paper, tissue paper, or a piece of parchment to cut a rectangle 11 x 17" and use a cup, glass or a measuring cup to get a nice, rounded corner on each side.

Not only does it make these look professional, it makes the sewing go much faster when you don't have to stop to turn corners. Zzzzzippp....around the edge you go!

If you wanted to, you could cut six patterns so you could pin and cut a whole set out at once. Then store the pattern to use again next time!

Cut your pattern out....

You'll need to choose your flannel. For about six burp cloths, you will need one yard of a print, and one yard of a small pattern or solid to coordinate. The choice shown above is NOT a good one, because there is too much white and stains will show too well. I will use this one instead to make a rice bag.

This is the way to cut them out and pin them together: with right sides together. Mark a spot on each to leave an opening. I do that with a pin placed a different direction from the others (as shown in top center of photo).

Load a couple bobbins or ten and get going!

Sew one right after another, without stopping to snip threads and let the "chain" of burp cloths rest on your lap.

If you don't want to do that, just stop and start and cut and snip threads as you go, I won't tell anyone, and anyway, this ain't no NASCAR race!

Once every burp cloth has been sewn, taking care on each to leave an opening in order to turn right side out again, get your very favorite jammies on, get comfy in your chair and find something good to watch and start unpinning. Once they're all unpinned, snip threads and ....

Trim all seams.

Turn them all right side out, smooth them with your hand, making sure rounded corners aren't puckered and are sitting nicely.

I tried to do a close shot to show you my decorative stitch that goes around the edge of each. Here it's shown running over top of the place where I sewed the burp cloth shut.

Little gardening froggie burp cloths all ready to go to some sweet little baby girl!

( When you're all done, don't forget to clean your machine out good, underneath in the bobbin case will be all sorts of flannel fuzz....blow it out!)

I can't resist doing a few pastels, too!

As you can see, I've done quite a pile, really enjoyed catching up on some sewing.

Throughout the week, I've made steady progress (assembly line style) on replenishing my supply of handy baby gifts. You won't believe it, but I've given away three sets of these in the last couple of weeks!

(My girl stock was getting low, there's been a run on girls lately!)

So I thought I'd show you what the fun bundles look like, all ready to attach a gift card and a note and perhaps a sweet little gift chosen just for the new baby...

These should be enough to stock me up for another year.

This brown strawberry print for little girls was my favorite, and I'd love to find more, I bought all that my JoAnn had! This set went in the mail to Kansas a couple days ago to my daughter's sister and brother-in-law for their new baby girl.

I have another set ready to go out to my god-daughter this week for her baby boy coming in March.

I know of a certain little guy that's due in June that just might get these....

or maybe these...

I enjoy finding cute prints for the "top" and a coordinating print, usually polka dots or gingham that will coordinate for the back.

I make sets of six.

I fold three right side up and three back side up, so the bottom of the bundle looks like the picture below.

The tulling "ribbon" is also found at JoAnn, up in the bins near the register in my store. The reason I spend the money on this tulling is because it helps avoid gift wrapping ... these are too cute to cover up anyway and it's complete and ready to give just with this "ribbon".

To make the whole job more efficient this is how I do it:
I cut them all out.
I iron all of them.
I pin them all of them together while I sit and watch something.
I sew them all, in a chain, one set after the other.
Cut them all apart.
Snip threads.
Trim the seams.
Turn to the right side.
Pin all the openings with a pin.
Sew all of the openings shut, again in a chain.
Top stitch all of the burp cloths using accent color thread on the top.
(And I use a fancier stitch for the top-stitching, but you don't have to!)

Iron again if needed, it usually isn't.
Bundle into packs of six, three right side, three wrong side.
Tie them into bundles using whatever you have!
They're ready to give!!!!

"Don't stop 'til you get enough...don't stop 'til you get enough....don't stop til you get enough...."
--The King of Pop

Email me if you have any questions, these are the simplest and most enjoyable things to make and I love having them on hand, it solves the "what should I get the new baby" question.

Such cozy work, too!


Bloggin bout my Boys said...

Those are some lucky babies having something SO cute to focus on...even if it's while BELCHIN' out a good one!! You have been a busy lil' beaver and this snow is the kinda inspiration needed for staying in and sewing up a better storm! Great Work and such CUTE fabrics.Wouldn't mind making some pillow cases outta that soft fabric!

Paul and Annie said...

What a brilliant idea!!! I HAVE to go to JoAnn's now :) Thanks for sharing- I feel so inspired now!

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Perfect timing Joni. Thank you! I've been wondering what to give for a baby shower gift! I'm off to Joann's (: xxxVicki

FHCS said...

Wow Joni they are too cute! Sounds like you have a baby boom going on in your family! I loved getting homemade gifts at my baby shower for my son, it makes you feel so special when you know someone took the time to make something for you with love! Those patterns are just adorable too, the trucks and the strawberries are my favorite pattern. Thanks for sharing! Stay warm.
PS...the valentine signs are for sale, I never got around to listing them though I have alot of new ones to put up over the next couple of weeks so check back in.
Hugs, Dee

Julie Harward said...

Love them...such a cute idea! And sew easy too! Thanks for showing and telling! Come say hi :D

Shari from Big Yellow Farmhouse said...

Thank you, thank you - these are SO cute!! I love all the darling flannel that is out there these days and I really love a detailed tutorial that leaves nothing to the imagination. (I'm so slow!!) What a great idea for a sweet homemade gift that doesn't break the bank or take forever to make, and something you know will be useful to the new mom!!

mary your sis said...

Nice job! I make a set with 3 or 4 burp cloths and then line a tote bag with one of the flannel prints to match. I sew pockets onto the lining and trim the outside of the bag with cute ribbon and a button. When I place the burp cloths inside and this "gift bag" makes a handy quick trip diaper bag, too. I love the flannel floral print in one of your burpie bundles; it looks like a Cath Kidston print! I must get to Jo-Anns soon, before all the cute stuff is gone!

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Sounds like a good idea and something easy to make. I will try this one out. A friend of my daughter's is having her first baby. Her hubby is to be home from Iraq b4 baby is born. Little momma was in military but is getting out due to rib that hasn't healed and she feels she needs to stay home with baby, good choice. Hopefully go to JoAnn's soon!!! Found your blog when I was visiting another blog!!! Blog hopping is fun but only so much time!!! God bless!!

Cousin B said...

I love this idea! thanks for sharing! And your pics. for directions were wonderful! I love your choices for materials....Almost inspired me to take up sewing again!

Unknown said...

The top stitching on these is adorable! Perfect finish for the burp cloths!