Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quilts on Snow... & Other News

February 20, 2010

I know, I'm hopeless but I think quilts look even better in the snow than they do when there is green grass and leaves!

I hope you all had a nice and restful weekend, and I thank you for your nice comments on my weekend post about hymns.


We learned this month that Jamie and Thad are going to (finally) be able to buy the house they've been renting for several years. Land disputes and court proceedings and many problems the owners have had to resolve have put the sale off for years. BUT FINALLY! We figure they will close on their home by the end of this month!

Then on Friday we found out that our son's purchase agreement he made on a home--one that was in short sale/foreclosure--that he signed around the first of December has (FINALLY!) been accepted! He's been told that closing should take place by the end of March....which all adds up to what I knew was already a busy spring is likely to get even BUSIER.

He closes and moves the last week of March...

A trip to see Jamie in April.

A large retro housewife bridal shower for my niece when we get back.

Once that's done, we have to get the yard and gardens in shape...we can't plant the veggie garden until the end of May but we still have a ton of work to do before that can happen!

Have to be packed and ready to run by the middle of May for the birth of my grandson...

Once that's done and I'm back home,which will probably be mid-June I will have a couple months to get ready for a baby shower for Jamie that I'm planning with my sister that will take place when Jamie and Thad and the baby come home for a week for Melissa's wedding in August. Once they leave, it's almost time for school to start again!

So all that means....
I'm going to be crazy busy!

And that pesky SPRING CLEANING has to be done in MARCH or it won't get done. This will be the quietest, least scheduled of months until school starts again.

I now realize that, like someone older had told me years ago, when your kids grow up and get out on their own only means you get busier...and when you add in grand children....more so!

How's your spring and summer shaping up?

I usually don't have to think this far ahead...but this year is different and because I turned the calendar to March, I guess it's awakening me from my dopey hibernation and realization is setting in about how close all these events are becoming!

Sunnier days in 2007, wearing an apron my good friend Pat gave me that year for my birthday...

Well....guess I better get my sleeves rolled up and get to work!


Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Girlfriend Joni!

LOVE the picture of the quilts in the snow! Yes, Spring is around the corner! Don't you look so cute! You are such an inspiration to me Joni!

How fun, a Vintage Bridal Shower! I am helping give one this Saturday!!!

Okay, whic journal? Cherry Pie or the one with the CUTE egg & toast on it? The paper will be differnt and maybe a tiny twicking but it will look similar to the tea!

Let me know which one and I will make a listing for you! I will throw in some cutie pie tags for other gifts you may give her...of all course RETRO!

Love ya,

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

PS I just saw the darling bride-to-be! What a cutie!!!!!!


Bloggin bout my Boys said...

Hooray!! I am so happy they are finally able to close on their homes. The quilts look GREAT with a snowy backdrop..never thought about that!! You are going to be one BUSY lady!!! But I know if anyone can juggle all these things and make them come out great is you. You look so cute and perky in that tomato apron!!

Imagery by Kimberly said...

Oh you are adorable!!!


mary your sis said...

Your kiddo's are very fortunate, what wonderful homes to start out in! I'm very happy for all of you! Quilts look great in any setting, but they are a cheerful, colorful backdrop in the winter snow. Remember how Laura Ingalls family didn't think a new house was home until the 9 patch quilts were on the bed, the lantern was lit on the checkered tablecloth and the china dresden figurine stood on the shelf Pa had carved? Quilts are such a big part of our heritage!