Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's STORY TIME! Jim Jump

Today our vintage story/picture book is "JIM JUMP" by Betty Ren Wright.
Copyright is 1964.
This story is especially cute because it happens on a farm, and it looks like it happens in the best part of the spring time, when all the wild flowers are blooming. I hope you enjoy!

At the end of the story is a link to a real live filly: her name is Annie....she's so pretty, and she's famous in blog land. If you haven't already met, you'll love to learn about her.

So there it is, an adorable story in which there's a lesson and the illustrations all look as if they were done with crayon (love it!).

Little Danny (the little guy whom the book originally belonged to) decided he'd add his own coloring, but I love the book anyway.

Speaking of horses, have you seen Misha's beautiful new foal born in the fall? Misha's blog
'From My Front Porch in the Mountains'
is here and you can read all about the baby and how she's growing.

Misha lives in the mountains of Tennessee and her farm is just a picture. I enjoy seeing all the horses and kitties and beautiful dogs on their farm.

I thought of their new baby girl when I saw this book. Go on over, take a look!
The blog post for Friday is a video of the horses in the stable at Misha's place.


Donna said...

I was so horse-crazy as a kid, I would have been pouring over that book! What a treasure! And thank you for introducing me to a blogging neighbor down the road from me in east TN!

Unknown said...

G'morn, sweet friend ~ Love the book, the graphics are wonderful! Will pop over to visit our TN friend.

You will enjoy today's write, pop over.

Have a beautiful weekend.
Hugs, Marydon

mary your sis said...

Awwww... I bet little Earl will love this cute book read to him by Nana!

★Carol★ said...

This book looks familiar to me, and I wouldn't be surprised if I had it when I was little, because I loved horses and even had one that I boarded on a farm! I especially love that page with Mother Hen standing on Father Pig's back!

Julie Harward said...

Loved this sweet little book and I LOVE Misha and her beautiful arabian horses!!! :D

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Thank you so very much Joni, for introducing your followers to Annie! I tell her all the time how she is a little star in blogland :)

I love the book, too! Although J and I don't have two-legged children, we collect children's books! We will be on the look out for this one.

I always enjoy my visits here. You were one of the first bloggers to leave a message a year ago, when I bega blogging. You made me feel welcomed!

xo, misha

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

darling...collecting vintage childrens books here too...

love them....


Anonymous said...

My mother read this to me as a child. Later in life, she found a copy online and I now read it to my children. It rests on my night stand so I can read it or simply look through the pictures anytime I choose. This story holds precious memories for me and I pray that my children will consider it special as well. Thanks for sharing it. BTW, my mother came across this and sent me the link to your site... I have enjoyed reading your posts. Many thanks, Mark Wilder

Anonymous said...

The story is actually at least 10 years older than you've indicated. I have the remnants of a copy that I was given for Christmas in 1954. So happy to be able to get the last three pages from you to complete my version, and to be able to read it to my granddaughter. It may still be in print - I was given another copy 12 years ago that, sadly, has gone missing.