Monday, February 15, 2010

Hi, It's Me! JuneBug!'s me, JuneBug! Remember me? I'm a fully-grown girl now...I actually like the winter and playing in the snow. And remember those puppies they brought home at Christmastime? They are my toys. Yes, they're well-trained. I let them play with me and then I walk over the line of their electronic underground invisible fence thing and I just chuckle to myself. JUST TRY stepping over that line, sweet red doggies, and let me watch the results! Ha! (It didn't happen more than once!)

The bird hunting is especially good this time of year! (Don't tell them I said that!)

I am NOT camera-shy. Mom caught me chasing snowflakes on Saturday and opened the window to shoot some pictures (she can't come out in the snow with me because she has this broken toe, ya know!) and of course I had to stop chasing the big snowflakes and some see what she was up to with that big camera she's always got.

Of course, the silly woman....she really should have a video camera to capture my adorable self chasing snowflakes, I'm sure no human would believe from still photos that a kitty could enjoy trying to capture gigantic fluffy instead, I busted out my best runway kitty moves.

I mean, I really think the snow brings out my best features....don't you?


This rock is my color....we blend beautifully! This is my "nose in the air" look that so many models use....

I just don't get this lady who leans out of a window to snap, snap snap away!
She stops her housework for THIS? Me, sitting on a ROCK?!

But....that's the way it is with the paparazzi, I've learned....just always in your face.

I guess I should be prepared for such beauty, after all, IS undeniable!

And, admittedly, my life IS interesting, I am ALWAYS up to SOMETHING....

Well, I should say good-bye for now, my fans.....I've got a catnap that's quite important. (Yawn....)



Julie Harward said...

How cute! A darling kitty that June Bug...Mom should throw her a treat! :D

Bloggin bout my Boys said...

OH My sweet JuneBug!! You are sooooo pretty performing your antics and giving Mom a pretty pose on your camoflage rock! You are a real beauty. Just don't let Mom fall out the window getting the perfect shot..she has enough boo-boos to heal!

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

LOL!!! What a little ham! xxVicki

Donna said...

He's Right! That rock Does match his coloring!!! Beautiful Kitty!!

The Blushing Hostess said...

Beautiful, lion in winter.

Simple Home said...

Your kitty looks alot like ours except ours has those gigantic 7 toed paws. So pretty in the snow.

ThriftyAnnabella said...

Very cute! You have a precious kitty!

hIWTHI said...

June Bug is so sweet! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE thst cutie JuneBug!!
PS: Great post Joni on those horrific mercury lightbulbs; I refuse to have them in our home too.