Monday, November 10, 2008

Week One: Off to a Blazing Start

Week One: Obama shows his infinite wisdom in choosing as one of his "economic advisors" the governor of the state of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm, an immigrant from Canada who came to us by way of California. She has been in office almost as long as George Bush has been. She has been a miserable failure at her job. There have been budget battles and standoffs year after year.
She presides over the state with the longest sustained recession and is highly partisan. As attorney general of our state, she went after businesses with a vengeance. She has done the same as governor. Businesses are fleeing our state at an alarming rate.
She has found ways one never dreamt about to invent new fees and hike existing ones. She has raised taxes on businesses and individuals. We have more one-way U-HAUL rentals than any other state. There are virtually hundreds of thousands of houses that are sitting empty, and not only because of foreclosures but because people had to walk away from them because they had to move to get work: jobs are few and far between. We were in the tank for years before the rest of the country felt even the hint of a downturn.
I can certainly see why Obama would ask her to be on his "team"....after all I am sure she'll have lots of ideas on how to muck things up on a national scale.


CatHerder said...

Just great.....wake me in 4, love your blog!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

thank you for the blog love, catherder! I will be visiting your blog in a minute! *Ü* Joni