Wednesday, November 5, 2008


My guy didn't win the primary or the general. So.....I'm just trying to focus on the fact that God is still in control. Our enemies, however, are very happy. That should tell us something. But, no. We're more interested in "making history". Yes, we will make history. And it will be hell when we finally realize what we've done. And it won't be our greatness that will make the history books this time. Those who look to the government to "fix" everything, rarely are satisfied, and at some point they'll look up from their low and groveling position to see that they could've and should have done better for themselves on their own. And for all those helpless types with their hands out, we all DO have the freedom to make for ourselves a better life. Right now, anyway.
Obama the Great eerily talks about a "civilian security force" and soon you may not have the freedoms you once had, your family and neighbors may have to report you for something as terrible as opposing the party in power, owning a firearm, or earning extra money that the government wants to get its hands on in order to hand out to others or keep for its fat and greedy spending habits. This "civilian security force" may be like the KGB in nature, and you'll have to take it, because that's the way Obama rolls. He said it, the masses ignored it, and when they're fully enmeshed in his policy, may regret their folly and the resulting loss of freedoms but it will be too late.
Pure hell is the fact that we have allowed ourselves to be defeated politically and economically into submission to an ideal that we know for a fact never has worked, never will work. We have elected a man who hates the military, hates any sort of authority. I can't even go to Canada without showing my birth certificate and he becomes President without releasing his to prove his country of birth? He couldn't get any kind of clearance even for low-level security because of his radical associations and he is now our President? (Even a low-rank air-force soldier has more clearance than Obama could ever obtain!)
Here is a man who will do more in a few years to disassemble our constitution and our democratic republic than any man before and how do we know this? Because he has said so , he will also knowingly take away and dismantle defense systems important to our safety and security, and we cheer him like a god?
I never thought I'd see the day that the America I knew would join Cuba, Venezuela and all other shining examples in Europe of communist/socialist ideals. God Help Us.
I am so sorry that Americans are so lazy, and so intellectually and morally bankrupt that they could actually elect someone who so fundamentally stands for everything our country has fought against for so many years, who takes in his lies and follows like the pied piper.
Reagan defeated communism in the Soviet Union, and we as Americans remember so little of history that we ask for socialism on a GREEN PLATTER? The next four to eight years will be like the Carter years times ten.
Obama, a far left wing nut job running as a centrist, spoon feeds the people lies with the help of his socialist followers in the media and the people obligingly swallow them. I am convinced that from this day forward, nothing but rosy forecasts will follow his inauguration day. Even if things aren't rosy, the Kool-Aid drinkers in the mainstream media will be only too happy to be spoon-fed what to report and how to report it in glowing terms. Those who do not follow the die that has been cast will be put out of business. Freedom of speech will be a thing of the past. He and his cronies on the left in Congress will try a “Fairness Doctrine”!
The decsendance into putrefaction has begun, and we will reap the pungent rewards of this into our grandchildren's generation. There is no question that the election of this socialist is a mistake, the magnitude of which is enormous. Will it ever be fixable, or will we have cast ourselves into the pit of miserable mediocrity forever? Once a nation takes the plunge over the cliff into "economic fairness" is there anything but pain beyond it?
Will The One be happy only when he has dropped each and every one of us into the very same boiling pot of poison policy?
Everyone will have a goal set for them by Obama, and that goal will be for all of us to become middle class. He will not be happy until we are all the same and his radical left wing nuts in Congress will only be too happy to help him with this goal. I am sorry for our nation, and even sorrier that we have a generation of people too lazy or too ignorant to not realize that to ignore history is to repeat it.
Too bad that they will be taking all of us, our children and their children along for the fall. The English say "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN"! I say “GOD, PLEASE SAVE AMERICA and preserve her and honor the sacrifice and wisdom of our forefathers. And give our children the wisdom to look backward in order to know how to go forward once this long siege is over!”
And....remember that it's my blog, and I'll post what I want to. You're welcome to comment, and you're welcome to start your own blog. Let's talk freely while we're able. Sadly, it may not last for long.

The old U.S.S.R. it coming back.... to U.S.?


Anonymous said...

I've been wating all day for you to post something about this! I'm feeling quite blue myself, and wearin' black. Since the economy is supposed to magically turn around, I thought we'd be busy today at work (yeah...right). Apparently there are many fellin' blue. You're right, we'll just have to pray more.

Anonymous said...

Amen & Amen. Very Well said. This situations lends some solemnity to our existence. I pray we all don't stay as hopeless as we feel today or that it gets worse.

TheFuneralDirector'sDaughter said...

I think this should be published. The general public does not understand what kind of lies they bought into. I agree with everything you've written! You probably should have been running McCain's campaign Aunt Joni, you and Aunt Brenda! ;) Yes, we made history but at what cost? I think we're in for a long 4 years and judging by our President Elect's first press conference they will consist of a lot of talk about the first dog? Yes. That's change I want to believe in. I pray that Obama the Great proves people like us wrong and that God will somehow strengthen America through this presidency.

jana said...

That Civilian Security Force has me pretty concerned....I've been making jokes about it (my husband insists on leaving every light in the house blazing, I told him he should just INVITE the KGB to tattle on us....), but this whole Obama thing has me creeped out.

I see that Huckabee was your man. One of my favorite quotes from the convention was when he said "I'm not a Republican because I was born rich, I became a Republican because I didn't want to stay poor.)

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Rue said...

Amen! and well said !!! I stay away from politics on my blog and in real life, but that man scares me to death.

still reading in between interuptions.....