Saturday, November 15, 2008


Sometimes we tend to think of craft shows as crocheted dishcloths and useless refrigerator magnets, but the one I went to this weekend had some pretty nifty stuff! Up-to-date and clever, the above is called a "sweater purse" and I thought it was a great idea. If I like carrying it is another matter altogether and I will experiment with it soon. (Sometimes I get excited about the concept of something like this, but when I try to actually use it in real life, I may be disappointed. But we'll try to keep positive about this one.)

First, the old sweater has to be wool. Then it's shrunk (washed and dried) and the arms cut off, it is then lined and made into a purse, the handles have cording in the centers to keep them from stretching. On the inside are pockets made from the sleeve, the handles come from the other sleeve. Clever, huh? The button closure is a loop and the button is chunky and substantial. I'll let you know how it is to use. I just thought you might like this idea for your old sweater, I won't be looking at old wool sweaters the same anymore!


Anonymous said...

What a neat idea. Thanks for visiting my blog and stop back in anytime!

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

interesting way to use old wool sweaters. I have a few.